50x50 Pixel Icon Commissions [OPEN]

Posted 1 year, 7 days ago (Edited 5 months, 29 days ago) by sakanninarukai

Static: €3.5 EUR


Simple Animation: + €0.5 EUR


Chewing Gum Animation: €8 EUR (Full Price)


Please, send the necessary info using the form:

Character Name: (Optional)
Reference/-s: (Full Coloured)
Expression: (Smile/Grin/Neutral)
Animation: (Blinking, bouncing, chewing gum, etc.)
Bubblegum Colour: (Pink/Red/Green, etc.)
Payment Method: (DeviantArt Points/PayPal)
Extra/Other: (w/ or w/o sparkles, w/o white outline, etc.)

✧ Furry examples: Static, Animated
✧ All icons come with a white outline (unless you specify that you want yours without one).
✧ It would work best if the character had a neutral or a smiling expression, since a frowny/sad one wouldn't suit with this style.
✧ If you want to pay with DeviantArt Points, my rate is €1 = 100 Points.
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Thank you for stopping by!


sar-dine Hello, thank you so much for your interest ^^
Do you mind if I draw his ears kind of lowered (as in the 2nd image in his gallery) so that they can fit better in the canvas?
Otherwise I can just chop them a bit on their edges, or make them look smaller than their actual size.
Let me know what you would prefer uwu


sar-dine Alright, thank you ^^
Feel free to send 4 EUR to [email protected] and I'll start working on it as soon as possible!


Valsecchi Hello! Here is your icon:
190227___sol_by_sakanninarukai-dd0s9lr.gI really felt that -of all the choices- a smirk would look best on him in this style, so I went with that!
I hope it is close to what you had in mind when you requested it ;w;
Let me know, though, if there is something you don't like or that needs correction and I'll do my best to fix it!


sakanninarukai Actually, I can't see the image yet. [': (It's a broken link)


Valsecchi Oops! There you go: https://sta.sh/01r9gnvolezr 



I love it thank you! :D


Valsecchi Glad you like it ^^
Thank you so much for commissioning me!


sar-dine Hi there, sorry for the delay!
Here is your icon:
cylian_by_sakanninarukai-dd1xyso.gifI put some sparkles (on his ears and the ribbon) but, his colour palette is very soft, so I don't know if they are clearly visible ;w;
I sticked to the colours you used on his reference, so if you think that you can't tell out some of the details, I could alter the colours a bit.
I had fun drawing him though, and I really hope that you like how he turned out ;w;


sar-dine Ahhhh I am so happy that you like it ;v;
Thank you very much for commissioning me~

Have a nice day!


are you still open for commissions?


mari6 Hello~ Yes, I am!