50x50 Pixel Icon Commissions [OPEN]

Posted 1 year, 5 months ago (Edited 1 month, 29 days ago) by sakanninarukai

Static: €4 EUR


Simple Animation: + €0.5 EUR


Chewing Gum Animation: €8 EUR (Full Price)


Please, send the necessary info using the form:

Character Name: (Optional)
Reference/-s: (Full Coloured)
Expression: (Smile/Grin/Neutral)
Animation: (Blinking, bouncing, chewing gum, etc.)
Bubblegum Colour: (Pink/Red/Green, etc.)
Payment Method: (DeviantArt Points/PayPal)
Extra/Other: (w/ or w/o sparkles, w/o white outline, etc.)

✧ Furry examples: Static, Animated
✧ All icons come with a white outline (unless you specify that you want yours without one).
✧ It would work best if the character had a neutral or a smiling expression, since a frowny/sad one wouldn't suit with this style.
✧ If you want to pay with DeviantArt Points, my rate is €1 = 100 Points.
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Thank you for stopping by!


Merocinical There you go, dear~
ddwe321-01de5554-18be-486d-8414-fbd67546Let me know if I've missed anything!


@sakannininrukai oh my goodness!! i love it, thank you so much it’s perfect!


Merocinical Ahhh I'm glad! Thank you for supporting me ♡


Hi! Are these still open?


TigerBeans Hello! They are open ^^


If these are open, i'd like to grab one ^^

Character Name: Val'gan Zangrazok (Valak)

Reference/-s: https://toyhou.se/6889953.val-gan-zangrazok?key=4kd2el1amUgieqW (In Gallery) (Access key only)

Expression: A Smile/Grin is good

Animation: Blink + Bounce

Payment Method: Paypal

Extra/Other: Without sparkles , with white outline ^_^


ShinakiSoul Of course ^^
Please note that it's exam period for me, so I'm a bit slower with commissions this month. I'll try to have it finished within a week, though!
If that's okay, send 4.5 EUR to [email protected] and I'll add you to my to-do list!


Take your time ^_^ and good luck with those exams!

Sent the payment now ^_^


ShinakiSoul Thank you so much!