50x50 Pixel Icon Commissions [OPEN]

Posted 1 year, 14 days ago (Edited 6 months, 6 days ago) by sakanninarukai

Static: €3.5 EUR


Simple Animation: + €0.5 EUR


Chewing Gum Animation: €8 EUR (Full Price)


Please, send the necessary info using the form:

Character Name: (Optional)
Reference/-s: (Full Coloured)
Expression: (Smile/Grin/Neutral)
Animation: (Blinking, bouncing, chewing gum, etc.)
Bubblegum Colour: (Pink/Red/Green, etc.)
Payment Method: (DeviantArt Points/PayPal)
Extra/Other: (w/ or w/o sparkles, w/o white outline, etc.)

✧ Furry examples: Static, Animated
✧ All icons come with a white outline (unless you specify that you want yours without one).
✧ It would work best if the character had a neutral or a smiling expression, since a frowny/sad one wouldn't suit with this style.
✧ If you want to pay with DeviantArt Points, my rate is €1 = 100 Points.
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Thank you for stopping by!


[casually bookmarks this thread for when i get paid]

i literally JUST got a new dA after many years too hfndgdhfhc


PixiWaltz It will not be, it's very small and not particularly detailed. I'll make sure to add it then!
Feel free to send $2 to [email protected]


MxMartyBellvue Thank you for your interest, dear ;w;
Have a nice day!


Your icons are absolutely adorable!

Character Name: Elena

Reference/-s: Here is her reference sheet. It would be cool if you could draw the rose in her hair a bit larger.

Expression: Neutral

Animation: Chewing gum

Bubblegum Colour: Pink

Payment Method: PayPal

Extra/Other: Without sparkles, without outline.  


EmmaItoh Woah, thank you so much, I am really happy you think so!
Got it, I will probably have your icon finished this weekend.
Please, send $5 to [email protected]
Have a great day!




Okay, thank you! I've sent the money! <3


Are you still taking these? If so, can you send me a PM please? c:


-Aria- Yes, I am! Feel free to PM me for anything you'd like to discuss c:

Brynna Rice MxMartyBellvue

it’s MEEEEEE ❤️ I told you i’d be back!!!

Character Name: Brynna!

Reference/-s: you jus need her face, right? she’s typically wearing the little black dress here, though i think her hair should be in front of her shoulders :o

Expression: smile!

Animation: bouncing!

Payment Method: paypal!

Extra/Other: sparkles! ✨


MxMartyBellvue Hi, welcome back! ˆ⌣ˆ
She looks very beautiful ;w;
Do you want me to draw her wearing her earrings (as in the 2nd image you sent me)?
If yes, let me know what colour they are!


sakanninarukai while the dress is totally a solid thing that was the 2nd thing i ever drew of her, i wasn’t married to a design completely yet :’) gold studs or something dangly and gold would be just fine!!!


MxMartyBellvue Got you! Please, send @2.5 to [email protected] ;w;
I'll probably have your icon finished in the next week!


Prom Hello, I've finished your icon:181215___joshua_by_sakanninarukai-dcui9pHis hair was a challenge, but it was really fun drawing him!
I hope you will enjoy it as well~
Let me know if you want me to change or if I've missed anything!


Ahh he looks perfect!! Thank you so much <3 <3