50x50 Pixel Icon Commissions [OPEN]

Posted 1 year, 7 months ago (Edited 3 months, 7 days ago) by sakanninarukai

Static: €4 EUR


Simple Animation: + €0.5 EUR


Chewing Gum Animation: €8 EUR (Full Price)


Please, send the necessary info using the form:

Character Name: (Optional)
Reference/-s: (Full Coloured)
Expression: (Smile/Grin/Neutral)
Animation: (Blinking, bouncing, chewing gum, etc.)
Bubblegum Colour: (Pink/Red/Green, etc.)
Payment Method: (DeviantArt Points/PayPal)
Extra/Other: (w/ or w/o sparkles, w/o white outline, etc.)

✧ Furry examples: Static, Animated
✧ All icons come with a white outline (unless you specify that you want yours without one).
✧ It would work best if the character had a neutral or a smiling expression, since a frowny/sad one wouldn't suit with this style.
✧ If you want to pay with DeviantArt Points, my rate is €1 = 100 Points.
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Thank you for stopping by!


alright, ty!

Character Name: Haruki Awara

Reference/-s: https://toyhou.se/3838092.haruki-awara#13246275

Expression: Smile

Animation: N/A

Bubblegum Colour: N/A

Payment Method: Paypal

Extra/Other: with sparkles!


mari6 Ahhh what a cutie~

Feel free to send 3.5 EUR to [email protected] and I'll start working on it as soon as I can! I'll hopefully have it finished this week~

Thank you! 


sakanninarukai sent!


mari6 Here you go~
dd5rj24-39fa2d46-06f6-4843-80a2-f732955bI really hope you like it~
If you want me to change anything, please, don't hesitate to tell me c;


ahhhh hes so cute! i love it, thank you so much!


mari6 So glad you like it ;w;
Thank you so much for your interest~
Have a great day!

Aikko Overfawning

Let me know if youre not doing these anymore!

Character Name: Aikko

Reference/-s: https://file.toyhou.se/images/8139839_cGFrabiGxwYIFwD.jpg

Expression: Grin

Animation: chewing gum

Bubblegum Colour: Pink

Payment Method: Paypal

Extra/Other: White outline


Overfawning Hello there, thank you so much for your interest!
These are open indefinitely for the time being~

Everything looks fine, just one notice;
I can't draw him grinning while he is chewing his gum, since his mouth will be moving the whole time.
Let me know if this is okay or if you had something else in mind~


sakanninarukai Thats fine! Sorry abt that ^^;;


Overfawning Oh, alright then~

Feel free to send 8 EUR to [email protected], and I'll try to have it finished in the next 1-3 days c:


Character Name: Kyoko

Reference/-s: https://toyhou.se/3634859.kyoko

Please note the black part of her hair isn't spikey in the back like the full body reference. It's long and straight like in the headshot reference >v<

Expression: smile

Animation: boucing

Bubblegum Colour: n/a

Payment Method: paypal

Extra/Other: no extras 

Thanks for the chance!


Lainykins Hello, thank you for your interest in my work~
Do you mind sending me which specific image you want me to use as reference? I got a little confused as to whether she has spickey or straight hair, sorry ;w;
Also, is her left eye (right as we see it) visible, or hidden under her bangs?
Oh and, do you want me to draw her ears as I see them in the reference, they will not wholly fit in the canvas in that case,
or move them slightly (apart from each other) so that they do fit?


Character Name: Rose

Reference/-s: Here!

Expression: Neutral

Animation: Blinking

Payment Method: PayPal

Extra/Other: With sparkles & white outline please!


oniguts Got it! uwu7
Send 4 EUR to [email protected], please, and I'll add you to my to-do list!


sakanninarukai Done!!