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  • Bust $5
  • Waist Up $10
  • Full Body $20
  • Chibi $7

  • Bust $13
  • Waist Up $20
  • Full Body $40
  • Chibi $11

  • Bust, Front & Back $20
  • Waist Up, Front & Back $30
  • Full Body, Front & Back $60
  • Chibi, Front & Back $15

  • TBA $$
  • TBA $$
  • TBA $$
  • TBA $$

Extra Info

  • Simple or transparent backgrounds available.
  • Price may vary based on complexity.
  • I take my prices in USD, via Paypal.
  • I reserve the right to refuse whatever I like. I mean, I probably won't, but still.
  • I am able to do designs for people. These will obviously be more expensive.
  • I can do soft NSFW and soft gore.
  • Payment either 100% upfront, or 50% at the start, and 50% afterwards or halfway.


  • Women
  • Anthros
  • Design
  • Nudity


  • Children
  • Mecha
  • Ferals

Order Form

Username: username
Commission Type: fullbody/headshot/etc
References: link to your character's references
Pose/Expression: optional
Character Details: age, personality, etc.
Extra Info: anything else you might want to add


tba commission type
tba commission type
tba commission type


Name: --- Emy

Style: --- Both colored halfbodies. Would be great if they could be drawn together just for the contrast / comparison.

Refs: --- Character 1, Character 2

Notes: --- 1 and 2 are brothers who have never met. 1 is the older one, a runaway prince who serves in the household of a neighboring king as a tutor / healer / librarian. 2 is the younger brother, a nice and cheerful guy who eventually succeeds their father as emperor. You'll probably have to make up some of 2's clothes since he doesn't have a full ref for the stuff he normally wears (the one full ref he does have are wedding clothes).

Etc: --- N/A


Emy i am not gonna lie you kind of startled me with how soon i got a response to this thread LOL. it's a good kind of startled but startled nonetheless!

in any case, this sounds all good. i will pm you with the details!


finished commission~





Hello! I was curious what would a commission exactly like this cost https://toyhou.se/amniion/art#11678447 ??
(I'm not sure because it doesn't correspond with the examples you provided if I'm asking for sth you don't offer I'm so sorry!!)


sharkimi Hello!! Sorry for the semi-late response. Wasn't getting notified.

A commission like that would start at $20. May vary depending on the complexity, however.