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finished commissions examples under the cut!


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Name: --- Emy

Style: --- Both colored halfbodies. Would be great if they could be drawn together just for the contrast / comparison.

Refs: --- Character 1, Character 2

Notes: --- 1 and 2 are brothers who have never met. 1 is the older one, a runaway prince who serves in the household of a neighboring king as a tutor / healer / librarian. 2 is the younger brother, a nice and cheerful guy who eventually succeeds their father as emperor. You'll probably have to make up some of 2's clothes since he doesn't have a full ref for the stuff he normally wears (the one full ref he does have are wedding clothes).

Etc: --- N/A


Emy i am not gonna lie you kind of startled me with how soon i got a response to this thread LOL. it's a good kind of startled but startled nonetheless!

in any case, this sounds all good. i will pm you with the details!


i really need the money so i've decided to have a sale!