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Hey there! Welcome to my art shop! My name is Hyp, I'm a primarily digital artist looking to earn some money through my art! I draw a variety of things, from furry characters to humanoids, I can draw nearly anything you'd like! I'm very willing to experiment with my art.

I have numerous examples of art below along with prices, which are all USD, please let me know if you'd be interested in commissioning me!

I am currently OPEN for commissions!

───────☞ Adoption Center here! ☜───────
────☞ $5 Waist Up Sketches here! ☜────

Please don't forget to read my Terms Of Service before commissioning!

  • E X A M P L E S
    NOTICE: I recently bought a tablet, most examples below were drawn on my IPad- now that I am using my tablet my style is subject to some changes, please keep this in mind when commissioning me.
    Examples of NSFW art available lower in the post.





Neatened sketches, with or without colour.

Full body: $11 (coloured= $14)
Waist up: $8 (coloured= $11)
Bust: $5 (coloured=$8)

Extra characters are $6 in full body and waist up. Extra characters are $3 in bust shots. *Character complexity brings price variation.





A headshot of your character, usually minimal shading. Available in different shapes!

Flat colour icon: $5
Static icon: $8
Animated icon: $13

*Character complexity brings price variation.







Fully lined, coloured and usually shaded pieces. Available in 'cute' style or 'regular' style. 'Cute' style is cheaper.

Full body: $25 ($20 without shading)
Waist up: $20 ($15 without shading)
Bust: $15 ($10 without shading)

Extra characters are $15 in waist up and full bodies. Extra characters in bust shots are $10. *Character complexity brings price variation.






Many options are available regarding details and style, though ref sheets will usually be completed in a style similar to the lower example. *Character complexity brings price variation.

Simple sheet (2 views): $35

Standard sheet (3 views): $50


You can find more of my art in my gallery, or on my instagram!

Feel free to request pretty much anything, I can give you a quote on almost any request.

***Character complexity price variation is usually within $10.

***Examples of variations that may increase the price:
  • Excessive stripes (covers over 35% of the body)
  • Complex patterns (such as leopard spots covering over 35% of the body, or a complex symbol such as 龍)
  • Complex horns or wings
  • Multiple limbs
  • Difficult anatomy 
  • Detailed outfits
  • Nsfw
More may be added.

I accept payment via PayPal only. 


What I will draw:What I might draw:What I will not draw.

☆ Anthro art
☆ Feral art
☆ Humans
☆ Nsfw (Adds to price)
☆ Slight gore
☆ Some fetishes (ask)

☆ Fanart
☆ Weapons/armour
☆ Designs
☆ Backgrounds
☆ Gore
☆ Some fetishes (ask)

☆ Mechas
☆ Complicated weapons
☆ Excessive fetish art
☆ Self-harm/suicide-themed
☆ Underage nsfw/intimacy
☆ Some fetishes (ask)

☞ For examples of my nsfw art, please check the link below. Be warned, the art is NSFW and uncensored.
- -
Or click this link for censored nsfw art examples.

If you wish to request nsfw art, please note so in the form below.


If you are interested in commissioning me, please fill this form out and submit below in a post, though if you wish to keep the commission private, submit it via PM. I will then PM you with a quote.

Commission type: 
Character ref/s: 
Commission details: (eg. pose, specifications)
Background colour: (eg. transparent, solid, two-tone)

If your request is then approved, we can discuss further details on the commission, as well as payment information. I will begin the drawing within the week once the payment has been received- it will usually be completed within two weeks of being in the top slot.

If you are not able to complete a full payment, I am happy to discuss with you about setting up a plan, such as two payments. Though please keep in mind, if this is how the payment is done, the art may take longer to complete.

I hope that we can sort something out! ♫


♕  SLOTS  ♕

2ND ☆〔 OPEN 〕
3RD ☆〔 OPEN 〕
4TH ☆〔 OPEN 〕