[Open] Customizable Pixel Rooms & OC Pixels

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago (Edited 1 year, 13 days ago) by YourLoveOnly

I've been doing tiny pixel sprites and creating isometric pixel rooms for a few years and decided to open up commissions!

You can place your order in this thread. For characters I only need a clear reference image, for rooms please fill out the form. Payment has to be made upfront through paypal after I have confirmed your order. Please provide your email so I can sent an invoice. I work on commissions 4 days a week (Mon/Wed/Thu/Fri) and my turnaround time is usually within a week. If there is a cue and I need more time I will let you know before accepting payment, so you can decide if you want to go through with the commission.

Ever wanted to show off where your OC lives? You came to the right place! I offer two sizes, a small room for $6 and a big room for $10. You can pick what type of room you'd like and provide a color scheme as well as any don'ts you may have. It's possible to order a character sprite at the same time and have it placed in your room at no additional cost, just let me know.

Room size: small/large
Type of room: bedroom/living room/kitchen/bathroom
Theme and/or colors: (you can leave it up to me, you can name colors or you can link to a palette and/or moodboard)
Floor preference: carpet/wood/tiles/linoleum/no preference
Anything you really don't want:
Paypal email for the invoice:

Examples are below. So far I've mostly had orders for large rooms and bedrooms, but I also included a small room, living room and kitchen I previously made.

Character Sprites
Each tiny pixel sprite is between 35 and 75 pixels tall. One will cost $4. I am most experienced with humanoid characters, but am willing to do anthro/furry characters, object heads etc. Unfortunately no feral characters for now.

Examples are below, organised from newest to oldest. You can click on them to see the original reference image.



Added custom pixel rooms!


These rooms are sooo dang cute!! Good luck with your commissions!


Thank you so much! 


ohhh i absolutely love this idea!! i'll def be keeping these in mind to commission in the future <3


Thanks a lot and I look forward to seeing you return then :D


Room size: small

Type of room: bedroom

Theme and/or colors: something that would suit this character? https://toyhou.se/2251034.fenn

Floor preference: thinking of wooden with a rug, or maybe just carpet, whatever you think will look good

Anything you really don't want: computers

Paypal email or Ko-fi username: [email protected]

It'd be cool to have his sprite placed in the room if I can the files separately


Rukuluc What an adorable character! I can totally do that! And yes you absolutely get the OC seperately too and I can sent you the empty room as well :) Having the sprite in the room is just a free bonus I provide when people order both ^^ So you'd receive 3 files, the sprite, the room and the sprite in the room! Your total would be $8 for a small room and a sprite. I sent an invoice to your paypal!


Paid thank you!


Rukuluc I finished your pixel sprite ^^



I'll have your room finished tomorrow or on Monday :)


Ohh that's super cute! Can't wait to see the room ><


Omg are these still open?? I’ve been dying for something like this for ever!


Yes PaperTsubaki they are totally open :D


Rukuluc I'm so glad you liked the sprite of Fenn, Your room is finished too! :D

Here's a version with and without Fenn in it!


Clicking on the room will open a direct link to the image, in case TH breaks the picture or something :P


Omg that is such an adorable room ahhh. Thank you so much!


I'm so glad you like it :D