buying: servant uniforms (usd)

Posted 10 days, 2 hours ago by acne


i am in the need of a maid uniform and a butler uniform. they're going to be made for my rainbow cafe, and therefore i would like to request that the bow string on the maid uniform and the bow tie on the butler uniform remain transparent so i add add the colors myself :0

i am requesting flat shading and full body!

the maid uniform: 

the butler uniform:


I'll can do it.
See my portfolio -
Thank you for your time.


Hiya c: I've got commissions here!


Pummie & StashN thank you both so much for your responses & i'm sorry im like 3 days late qvq but neither are of them are in an art style im looking for :0 unless ive the missed flat colors / line art (for clothes i mean!) uvu