Cheap Commissions 0.50¢+! [NEW PAYMENT METHOD]

Posted 3 months, 1 day ago (Edited 1 month, 27 days ago) by CakuPop

Hello there! I'm in need of earning money, still. This won't be a permanent shop so it's going to be non-fancy and, hopefully, quick. I am only doing bust-up work and the occasional thigh-up work, for practice!

I am a PWYW-er, just offer me what you feel I deserve! Please understand that it takes me time to make these. <3

Examples & Commission Info

Additional Commission + Rules/Will Do Not Info


  • 1. NEW - PM me and I will link you the lame support sticker, where you can choose the price after you approve of the sampled work!
  • 2. Cash App - PM me and I will link you it after you approve of the sampled work!
  • 2. Paypal - Last resort, if necessary. Due to issues again!


  • 1. open
  • 2. open
  • 3. open




This is just a personal tracker of my to-do list of request threads or pm's that accepted my art along with my shop.

  • 1. Two chibis [1. Completed. 2. In progress.]
  • 2. chibi [In progress]
  • 3. Freebie(s) for a kind regular [ _ ]



Sarubia Good afternoon! Um, I think the minimum that I've ever been paid was $10 and, generally, get offers from $20-25+. I hope this helps you a little bit and doesn't discourage ya'. ; v; <3 And as long as you're comfortable with my process of payment (via friends/gift option after you receive a sample of your finished product), I don't mind at all! I may be doing an alternative soon, as well! p.s, very adorable OC.~


Hello everyone!

1. Updated the current progress of my lists.

2. A new payment method has been included in the option! I'm still learning on how to use it, comfortably so bare with me!