Draw My OC! (master request board)

Posted 2 years, 1 month ago (Edited 1 year, 11 months ago) by cindyjeans

There have been a lot of requests threads lately, I am super surprised to not have seen one of these...

I have been itching for a master thread where people can drop OCs they would really love to have drawn and where artists can pop in and check out designs they may be interested in drawing. A master request thread, if you will.


  • Don't beg or spam repeatedly for art. If you're posting here we know you're looking for art of your characters.
  • Do not be rude or criticize the artist or  artwork you receive. 
  • Do not add a monetary value to the art you receive in hopes to resell or trade for a higher value. The artwork is given as a filled request and should be treated as such, with money not changing hands in any way. 
  • Do not change who you requested art of after it has been posted. If someone has already begun drawing your character, this can be very stressful. 

Drop your references or characters here~ be sure to specify design details if necessary. If you have specifications on how you DON'T want your character drawn, please be sure to include that as well (example: gore/pinup/certain gender/ECT.)!

(will update rules and such later if issues arise)

-- I hope threads like these are cool with you guys, I always enjoyed them on other forum sites...


This is a great thread. I mostly draw my own characters but I still adore seeing them drawn through other peoples eyes, so to say. I'll post a few characters here - I don't have that many so people are free to draw any of them but I feel a few ought to be highlighted.

This One. It has no finger- or toenails and is  anatomically about as detailed as a mannequin, with a similar  plastic-like texture to its skin. It fiddles a lot with found items, pretty much always holding something.

Darell of Candia because I keep telling myself I ought to draw him but have never gotten around to it. He's essentially Dardariel, except older, sicklier, with a beard, and wearing incredibly worn-out 18th century peasant clothes with lots of feathers in his hat.

Matlal. Because I think he looks cool and deserves more art, even if I don't use him anywhere at the moment. :D Bonus points for having him interacting with a hedgehog as if he's seeing it for the very first time like "That's the weirdest porcupine I've met..."

Henry/Julia who's like 3-4 characters in one. There's Henry Newman, Julia Wright, General Newman (aka. medfant Newman) and the werewolf form to choose from. 

Werewolf-form can be drawn goofing off like a dog perhaps? Chasing its own tail,  ripping a feather pillow apart, howling, chewing on shoes, eating a book or important documents, standing on hind legs looking puzzled as if it was trying to human but wasn't sure how.

My main request with the human forms is that...please don't draw hir without arms, it makes me uncomfortable. Ignoring all the injuries on hir scarmap is fine, as is giving hir prosthetic arms or covering the arms up in gloves. The 1940's personas can also be shown doing lightning-magic.


Oh, I have a few! If you draw them I will appreciate your mere existence so hard you have no idea. If you want to do an art trade, my thread is here!

Egg - he already has a bunch of art but people seem to like him
Pinecone - the brown-y parts of their limbs are actually covered in fur, just very thin, flat fur.
The Cherries - three characters in one! They have basically no art but they're basically just little people with cherries for heads. You don't have to draw all three
And, finally, a character I only just designed to the point they don't have a name but they're basically my only actual animal character. They'll be put onto TH as soon as they have a name!



I drew Nakano for ya! I hope you like it!nakano___starryiris___shaded_w_colored_l

Grape pixelcloud

i would love some art of my chill grape boy QwQ hes a chill dude who likes grape soda and chilling with his sis at the skate park! you can draw him in either his human (with wolf ears and tail) version, or his full wolf version! but no gore please,,,, thank you !!


Rayzil sp00kypaw

Im super down in the dumps and would rlly like some art of my main!! you can interpret her as a  (caucasian) human as well!