Draw My OC! (master request board)

Posted 2 years, 3 months ago (Edited 2 years, 1 month ago) by cindyjeans

There have been a lot of requests threads lately, I am super surprised to not have seen one of these...

I have been itching for a master thread where people can drop OCs they would really love to have drawn and where artists can pop in and check out designs they may be interested in drawing. A master request thread, if you will.


  • Don't beg or spam repeatedly for art. If you're posting here we know you're looking for art of your characters.
  • Do not be rude or criticize the artist or  artwork you receive. 
  • Do not add a monetary value to the art you receive in hopes to resell or trade for a higher value. The artwork is given as a filled request and should be treated as such, with money not changing hands in any way. 
  • Do not change who you requested art of after it has been posted. If someone has already begun drawing your character, this can be very stressful. 

Drop your references or characters here~ be sure to specify design details if necessary. If you have specifications on how you DON'T want your character drawn, please be sure to include that as well (example: gore/pinup/certain gender/ECT.)!

(will update rules and such later if issues arise)

-- I hope threads like these are cool with you guys, I always enjoyed them on other forum sites...

Skye TheStarrySky

Hi!!! Im hoping to get art of my cutie Skye!!! Shes a hybrid wolf/jackal/flower girl, her flowers grow naturally on her head and tail! Her eyes are like mood rings and they change color except theres no specific color to each mood they just change when her mood does
she loves shopping and going to the beach but she gets competetive when it comes to games and sports!! Her favorite colors are blue and pink thank you so much for considering her!!!

Jessie Ghostlywox

Thanks for making this thread!

I welcome art of all of my oc's, whether it's a doodle or a fully fleshed piece of art. 


I'd love art of anyone here! I love them all a whole lot so any kind of art is appreciated! They're mostly ferals and anthros but there are a few human characters in there! I hope someone is able to find inspiration in one of em!

Viviani Dawnsong corncob

hi there! i'm always looking for more art of my sweet lil Viviani here <3

he's a cheerful, gentle sort of person, just an absolute sweetheart. he loves flowers, the sunrise, and other people. he loves to garden and absolutely loves parties! he feels like he's at his best when he's with other people and helping them enjoy their lives. there's a ton more info about him on his profile, as well as references!

you don't have to draw him in his vestments if you don't want to, also!! if you'd like to draw him in a more simple outfit i'd welcome that. he likes lightweight, drapey fabrics, and prefers light, warm, summery colors (pinks, peaches, soft yellows, whites, etc). he likes feminine clothing, too, so dresses and skirts are perfectly welcome. (in addition, if you wanted to simplify the pattern on his wings i'd totally understand lmao!! sometimes i just throw spots of the gray-brown color on top and hope for the best haha)

honestly you could draw him however you want!! i don't really have any limitations. i'm curious to see anything you'd come up with for him!

thank you for considering him and thank you so much in advance if you choose to draw him! <3 <3


Anything of Yan Yuzhou would be greatly appreciated!

Hikari Ghostlywox

Here is my baby Hikari! 

I just got him recently as he was gifted to me by someone special! 

If you wish to draw him, please don't do any NSFW or even suggestive art! 

I'm 100% fine with gore though! 

If you own an Umi, you can feel free to draw them together or even make ship art!

Thanks for considering!