Draw My OC! (master request board)

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago (Edited 3 years, 28 days ago) by cindyjeans

There have been a lot of requests threads lately, I am super surprised to not have seen one of these...

I have been itching for a master thread where people can drop OCs they would really love to have drawn and where artists can pop in and check out designs they may be interested in drawing. A master request thread, if you will.


  • Don't beg or spam repeatedly for art. If you're posting here we know you're looking for art of your characters.
  • Do not be rude or criticize the artist or  artwork you receive. 
  • Do not add a monetary value to the art you receive in hopes to resell or trade for a higher value. The artwork is given as a filled request and should be treated as such, with money not changing hands in any way. 
  • Do not change who you requested art of after it has been posted. If someone has already begun drawing your character, this can be very stressful. 

Drop your references or characters here~ be sure to specify design details if necessary. If you have specifications on how you DON'T want your character drawn, please be sure to include that as well (example: gore/pinup/certain gender/ECT.)!

(will update rules and such later if issues arise)

-- I hope threads like these are cool with you guys, I always enjoyed them on other forum sites...

Dante Dell

I'm looking for help for an image that's a good ref for this dude uwu

however feel free to draw anyone within my mains and the subfolders in the folder


(revives the thread since admins finally moved its section 🙏)

Brion Vinatrix

Hello! I would be very grateful to get any art done of this new boy I got last night! Thank you to anyone who decides to doodle him. <3


Oooo, this is a cool idea! I'd appreciate art of any of my OCs, but I'd especially appreciate art of any of my mains! Thanks in advance if you do draw for any of them ^^




if anyone would draw any of my kiddos i would be super thankful!

i'll try and draw for some other people on this thread when i'm not super busy!


accidental double post!



A couple of people filled my request, thanks :)


Wow I nearly forgot I had subscribed to this thread haah...
It's such a good thing tho ;<;
I have really rough few weeks behind me and I'd actually be happy about pretty much anything with my kiddos. 

Just a little something with love would really mean the world to me rn ♥
Thank you everyone who even looks into this thread and consideres, you're amazing

Cleo spheal

i love and cherish any art of my gal !! and if you draw anything of her ill prob return the favor ^^


Hello.....It's gonna be my birthday next month and I'm too shy to start a thread for freebies so dgdgdgas

I honestly don't mind any of my characters in my main and only folder. The ones that have the least amount of gifted/commissioned artworks are Kagami, Saki, Kozue, Manami and Kiyo (just a heads up that I'm quite picky with most artstyles for Kiyo lol) but again, I frankly don't mind anyone as long as you're comfortable with drawing them!

If you prefer art trades, feel free to offer away as well! Sadly I can't accept every trades and will probably prioritize mutuals and/or if I'm confident that my characters can be transferred nicely in your style, so bonus if you list which characters you want to or can draw! :0

(My only rule is to not draw NSFW or give them any sex appeal because all of them are minors orz Also they have options for casual outfits if you prefer drawing simpler designs!)

Now then, thank you for reading~

Nef Historia

I'm not currently looking for free requests, but since Nef's 1st Cakeday is coming up, I'm mainly looking for gift art for her. If you draw her, then I may draw something back in return!

(I'm a minor. Please don't draw anything NSFW or Gore. ;-;)


I certainly hope Kurikio might inspire someone ^^ https://toyhou.se/2970818.usb

Mississippi McARTney

Ahh this is a nice thread! Anyone in the Sam’s Estates folder is ok but my highest preferences atm are Georgia and Mississippi.