Free art thread 🌸

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Sakura's Freebie Art Thread

I'm free for a day or 2 and want some inspiration, so post a character below and I may draw them.

I'm only good at drawing women, but would like to draw other things as well. Feel free to suggest things other than humanoid women.

I can't guarantee I'll do everyone, but I like lots of different designs. The more clear the reference and personality the better.

I may use these as examples on social media (with credit of course) or my personal website.

  • Women
  • Humanoids
  • That is about it~

Love to draw:

  • Creatures
  • Robots
  • Monsters
  • Pretty
Won't draw:
  • NSFW
  • Sexual Content


I have more in my toyhouse profile.

20033574_BHmzHrk0ot8i8zg.png 44213013_iRyCuQXuN8S2SrR.png
12.webp 13.webp
29914134_KiusIpcFvzIvbnS.png?1619226382 34051647_OHxTV0I5hXA2G83.png

Finished Requests

Himitsu Rairakku SapphireRose

I have this girlie if you're interested!!


theoceandraws One down. Thank you for showing me such a cute chara.



Again that you so much!! <33

Namcoa ultradynamicstarz

Maybe you can draw my OC Namcoa or Caeda?

Tbn (Alice?) That0neNerd

Thanks for the chance 

Ashwatcher (RP-verse [DR]) ArcAzrael

Hello! Would Sylas [IC / ref] be of your interest? Or perhaps Stephen, Minerva, Floryn, or Dr. Valerian? Feel free to pick between either of them. Thank you for the chance. :D