Free headshot sketches (open) (edit!)

Posted 1 year, 6 months ago (Edited 2 months, 4 days ago) by gummy

These dont take long, so as a way to get more art done ill do a quick (probably uncolored) headshot sketch of a oc of yours! 

examples: (wip!)


  • Im best with humans/human like ocs, but i will draw furries and feral as well!
  • Limit is 1-2 per person, If you like the result or want more, please consider commissioning me! my info is here. and i also offer one dollar commissions on here, if you wish to support me!
  • Edit: i LOVE drawing these, I will try to do them all eventually, but I will usually do the ones who request first! Also, if you ask me to choose from a bunch of ocs, it may takes longer, cuz im very indecisive! So I recommend just for my sake u only give me a few characters or a folder to choose from! Thanks ;u;
  • edit: I forgot about this thread rip anyway i wrote a couple more things here
  • EDIT EDIT EDIT: If you would like to support me, please consider donating to my Ko-Fi! Your support would be very appreciated ;-;
[ Matcha ] Dawnstorm111

Could you do Matcha please? Thank you!

Elva Rosenwood Rainbow000Pegasus

Hey! Would you be interested in my OC Elva? if not, that's fine- thanks!

♚|» Kassidi (Kas) HailLucy

I'd love one of these of this babe if you are willing!


Hey gamers.... its been a while and i honestly.... yet again have had no desire to draw anything for like a month...

ANYWAYS. I did one. But this ones a bit different since i did it traditional instead of the good old digital sketch..... i was too lazy to plug in my tablet sdfgh

Cesera for CercieOracle



maybe this guy will interest you? thanks for opportunity! UwU

 Jacinto jojinju

Maybe this character if you have more time?


idk which one of yall i was on so

saphleon idk how to get it to show up but heres the stash link ;-;

!❤ Fiore Amirrora

Perhaps this lady?

Oliver Reid clownpillz

if you could draw this baby boy that would be great! thank you for the opportunity!~

Elijah Jazzyyazi

I'd love one of my baby Elijah!! (If the picture is too blurry he has light skin and black hair with grey eyes.

Katecia RainbowUnicornGirl

Maybe one could you do one of her please? Or maybe any of my other characters if she doesn't catch your eye?

I really love your art style!


That's!! So cute TYSM!! 💕 I'll upload it to my th later

Misaki Ayano

I have Misaki here if you're interested! :> thanks so much for considering & good luck with your sketches!

Kaiya PastelPearls

I'd love if you drew Kaiya! <3