Making Free Art :3 [Temporarily Closed]

Posted 1 month, 26 days ago (Edited 1 month, 17 days ago) by ClinicallyDepressed

I'm wanting to do some art for people

figured id start with doing free art so people trust my skillz better first. 

Id love to draw any character of yours or even make you a new character so jsut comment below if you would like me to draw you something :3

Coffy • 커피 ⚠ jjeongup

this is really nice of you to do! :)

i'd love if you considered drawing Coffy or any of my other characters

thank you for the opportunity! <3


sure! I'd love to :3 I'll check em out. Ty for the opportunity to draw ur characters ;P

Taffy Saltminer

This is so sweet of you! I’d appreciate if you could draw my Salty babe here, or just about any other characters in my folders! 

Akane VincentVanGoat

Possibly this gal? She doesn't have any art of any of her outfits, but if you want I can link a few pictures of what she'd wear!

Thanks for the chance!~


sure id love to and VincentVanGoat it would be great if u would link what shed wear so i have ideas ty ^w^


Alright I'll link some, but they don't need to be 1 for 1 to the images!~

Her Coat Basically just any white leather jacket.
A scarf like that so that rad flowing scarf kinda look, Red.
Belt but you don't have to draw her with this, as she doesn't always have it on :p

And then for pants, just typical blue jeans, they can be ripped or not, either works~


k thank you ^w^

小幸 eadie

idk if u only draw furries but this girl has a furry form :3c


i kind of do, i mean ive drawn humans but they still had cat ears XD. and ok id love to draw her. It might take some time tho seeing as i now have multiple to do. but i will get them all done. im so happy i have stuff to draw now :3

silver hazeldine icedcoffii

maybe this girl will interest you? if not feel free to check my animal folder (even tho there’s only two there) thanks for the opportunity!!


icedcoffii of course. Ill draw her ^w^ and yw :3 jsut felt like drawing other peoples characters. fun ;P

Claudem theoneweirdo

mine very new boy :0
can I ask for drawing him? If you don't draw ferals, you can do an anthro? He wears clothes in victorian style
thanks for attention!

👑 Soulis 👑 Soulili

This could be like a long shot but if you are willing can you draw a character based off description? If so

Can you draw Shiro? He is a tall Caucasian man it’s dark black hair, his hair looks like an anime boy with bright blue eyes. He wears a black turtleneck shirt but with short sleeves. He has grey pants that looks like sweats and black shoes. 

If you don’t want to do it then uhhh you can draw Soulis or anyone else who interests you^^


You can go ahead and draw any character from my “forever homed” folder or my “very tentative” folder.

Thank you!