Making Free Art :3 [Temporarily Closed]

Posted 1 month, 26 days ago (Edited 1 month, 16 days ago) by ClinicallyDepressed

I'm wanting to do some art for people

figured id start with doing free art so people trust my skillz better first. 

Id love to draw any character of yours or even make you a new character so jsut comment below if you would like me to draw you something :3


Either would be ok with me.  Whatever’s easiest for you.


Sry im doing these randomly lately, but i have these people left on the list to do. Candaru BrookieCookie EtherealSpooky Necropolis FluffyFoxOfFate Stormhunters ThatOneWow leolion2009 Finches StrawberryLunala JelloPotato enbykiwi WORKING ON THEM NON-STOP FOR A WHILE UNTIL I GET AT LEAST HALF DONE. so i can lower my client list. So i promise they'll be done soon. Will be just sending them from now on tho, no ping here. Easier that way


Awww hun seriously don't stress free art is an amazing gift. You are absolutely not obligated at all❤️


Finches its okayz i love doing art ^^ Doing ur guys helps me in ways too. sometimes i come with other ocs while drawing urs and im like oof. i get side-tracked easily haha. ive been waiting to do urs. i have a sketch but i rlly wanna do it in digital cuz it would look cute


I just got mine.  Thank you so much!  You did a wonderful job.


Hey, no worries on how long it takes. It is free art after all. So don't stress out about it. ^^


Absolutely no rush! You're getting so much done, I'm impressed! :O


leolion2009 np ^^ glad u liked it


Yeah no rush. Tbh i'm really impressed at how much you're doing all like this, I wouldn't be able to really myself


Necropolis lol thx ^^ yea ig just lately had a lot of time on my hands. And I love drawing, helps me with my anxiety n depression. Keeps my mind busy so I don't mind


You're welcome and ah I see, guess that does make sense.


Only ones left should be StrawberryLunala and enbykiwi which will be working on next. Should be done today or tmrw sry took so long, hope u guys enjoy ur Drawings when done.


enbykiwi working on urs now ^u^ StrawberryLunala Got urs done and sent ;)


!!! can't wait to see it! 💖


Thank you CD! It looks great. ^^