Art Trades [OPEN]

Posted 1 month, 10 days ago (Edited 3 days, 21 hours ago) by SonieTheDog

I have some characters that need art and I'd like to do some trades! You can pick who you wanna draw out of these characters

Animal: Lilly, Skyler

Humanoid: Fennel, Wolfgang

What type of trade is up to you. Please tell me how much of the character we'll be drawing, as well as if you want shading or not. Here are my art examples~

Current art queue

These will be artistic freedom (but you can tell me if there's anything you aren't OK with)

If interested comment below with an example of your art and a link to what character you want me to draw! (I can draw anything, don't be shy lol)



aaa i love it, thank you so much!!


I'm interested!

You would work with one these characters;
They're a bit... unusual. The references are detailed as well, but feel free to stylize and simplify as much as you'd like.
(Linking to deviantart because I'm yet to upload everyone here :v )

This is what my trade art looks like;
It's all fine to ask for a particular technique or style if you wish.