F R E E pencil sketches

Posted 5 months, 3 days ago by Kirbygal

Lol so I was cleaning out a drawer the other day and I saw I have 3 half used sketchbooks/ blank paper notebooks in there (along with... 3 brand new ones owo) so I thought I should... probably use them out lmao

Comment below with a OC in ic or link to a folder and I'll pick who I like xD I'll even attempt anthros this time since these are sketches :O

Gonna be simple bust sketch and I'll draw when I have time. ♡

Finished doodles will go here (lol enjoy the placeholder memes XD)


AAAAH! I got really busy so i didn't have much time to check this :" It looks amazing! Thanks!


Here are my Mains! Pick anyone you would like to draw from that folder, and thank you for the chance! ❤️