Lu's Freebs 'n' Trades | Open

Posted 29 days, 11 hours ago (Edited 4 days, 12 hours ago) by LunaticTimekeeper

Please don't ping me. I get a notification when you post as I'm subscribed, so pinging me isn't necessary <3

Howdy all, Lu here! I've decided to stray away from shops for a bit and try freebies until I'm confident enough in my art~ What you get will be random unless we're trading: I will only do 1:1 trades. I will not draw Anthros, animals, or furries.

Freebie Guidelines

  • ★ Do not use my freebies to add monetary value to your character(s). Any freebie you receive from me cannot be used to up the sale price if you decide to sell the character.
  • ★ I will not get everyone, but I will get as many as I can.
  • ★ I have a right to decline your request.
  • ★ What you will get is random: Chibi's, Half Body, or Full body sketches are incluuded.
  • ★ I may try shading if I'm inspired by your character! Please note not all drawings will be flat colored.
  • ★ Dropping a song in your request may boost your chances. (Any genre/cursing and such is fine)
  • ★ Any gender.(But I'm trying to practice males)
  • ★ Animal ears/tails accepted.
  • ★ Feel free to drop couples! (Any sexuality) <3
  • ★ Please say something about my art, be it a critique or a compliment or I will ignore your request.
  • ★ Thanks for reading! ★

Art Trade Guidelines

  • ★ More likely to do trades than freebies.
  • ★ 1:1 meaning chibi sketch for chibi sketch etc.
  • ★ Flat Color, no shading please.
  • ★ My only strict rule is try to have it done within a month. If you need to take longer then please let me know! I'm lenient withthis because I know life get's hectic, and I want these to be fun.
  • ★ When you have finished the sketch please let me know as I will not finish my unless I see proof. ;;; I will do the same.
  • ★ Skill is irrelevant to effort.
  • ★ Don't forget to say somewhere that you want to trade!

Art Samples


Finished Freebies

Ombre Lovino

I hope he's okay! Also here's a song i like <3

Also your art needs nice nicer lineart imo ^^


Lovino || I'll def try and work on my lines, I can see what you mean! Thank you so much for the song, I listened to it while working and I must say I like it! <3 i'm sorry, I'm not very good at wings - feel free to come back with a different character if you want.


Hyacinth Vinatrix

I have this cutie! If you don’t like him then I have ton of other oc’s in my main folder

Here is an 8-bit version of my favorite song 

Also I think that your art is very cute! 

Angery boi beenz

i hope he suits your fancy!! thanks for the chance! heres my favorite song at the moment

Kenji Ayano

I have this male if you're interested! :> Aaand here's a song I like:

From looking at your art examples, I really like the way you draw expressions! I think they look cute, especially the ones in the chibi-like headshots :0

Thanks for considering & good luck!! ^^


frickly frack uh i have a hecc of a lot of characters if any of them interest you; but the majority areeeee male lol

heres my fav couple I have: and
Their theme song is this:

i also have all of these guys lol LinKsaBoop 
Another broader one uh this is literally just all my main charries- Linksabop