(Closed) Art Trades

Posted 4 months, 24 days ago (Edited 2 months, 14 days ago) by randadraws

If slots are full you can still request a trade so long as the title says Open. The slots are for who I'm working on first. It's sort of like queue.

Unfortunately my laptop is broken. I'm using a spare but it's difficult to draw on sometimes. Hopefully my original laptop will be fixed soon.

So I really want to do some art trades since the internet is back on. I've never really done art trades before but it looks a lot of fun. 

I can only draw human and humanoid characters. I can't draw anthro/feral/mecha (Anthro I sort of can but I think it's best to not draw since I feel it won't be good enough)

Anyways I'm up for any type of drawing digital or traditional. Let me know what type of trade you want like details and stuff.

my art can be found here and here

Here are some of the completed art trades I have done! https://sta.sh/22c8le8lq002?edit=1

I like PM my part of the trade because I like to add a message but I still post my part of the trade on my stash in the above link!

Here's a list of characters I prefer but if you want to draw what's not listed you can

You can post or PM me! 

I'm open to about 5 slots for now.







randadraws Alrighty; I’ll do a full body if that’s ok with you! And yeah feel free to draw Suirin!


Finally got it scanned!



Rainbow000Pegasus Aw nice!   


Just finished my half! Tucked it the spoiler tag for size. <3 Hope you like her!




Omg I finally finished it! I can't believe it took so long and I am so sorry. I'm going to send the link as well.


No worries!! You did great, Mojito looks awesome!!  <333 Good luck again with your computer!