Sketching your OCs! (also LF sum art) [HIATUS]

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Status: RL has been eating my ass and I'll be on holiday to relax from all that soon, so no more requests for a certain time. I might come back to reopen this thread later, when I have more time and muse (and mental stability) on my hands.

Hey there everybody!

Since I'm trying to get back into the groove of drawing a bit more everyday, I thought why not make some other people happy with it too and open up some sketch requests. I mostly doodle on paper and do portraits, examples given a bit further below. I probably won't have the time to take each and every request immediately, so it might also take some time until I get to yours. Now comes the sketchy (hahah, get it, because- I'll find my way out.) part. I won't ask for any faves or likes in return, however, I ask of you to do something nice for a fellow user today! 'tis the time of being positive and supportive of each other, fellow citizens. Also don't be afraid to ask for another request if you already got one and see some open spots! If you like the sketch you got, I'd be happy to make another for you.

If you want to do something nice for me in return, feel free to send me a doodle or sketch of one of my babes as well! Even the tiniest thing would make me jump with joy for seeing my babies being drawn for me; Everyone from here is always welcome for some more art, just as everyone from the MH folder or my Elfverse. Be careful around Shiva though, he got a mature tag for a reason-

This is, of course, entirely optional! You don't need to draw something for me in return, but if you somehow feel like drawing something for me without getting a sketch from me that's also cool with me, I'd appreciate it very much!

For digital art look no further than for my art trade thread!


Some rules

  • Please don't ping me in this thread, I only get double notifications then.
  • Feel free to save the artwork, post it wherever you like, but please remember to credit me in the comment, tag, wherever! I won't throw any copyrights over it but this will only work as long as I can be sure I'm given credit for my artwork; remember, these - even though they're 'only' sketches are done only for you, they're a personalized, FREE artwork! The least you can do to give me a bit of recognition for it is to tag me. If you want to post it on other websites and are not sure how I'm called on there /if I have an account there, feel free to ask!
  • I can't believe I gotta say this but please be polite! A hello is even enough, a thank you would be appreciated but is not mandatory.
  • Specify if you want me to do a regular portrait or a chibi of them! I've been drawing lots of chibis lately and would love to continue with it a bit more; Also, if you would like a bust without the regular clothes (I'll only do those for men to keep this thread SFW), please say so too!

That being said, here are some things I'm decent at:

  • human portraits
  • long hair
  • Chibis

Things I'm not that good at / can't really draw so please don't be disappointed:

  • animals and anthro heads (animal features like ears, tails and wings are okay)
  • robots / MEKAs
  • hands (although I'm forcing myself to draw those more)

Current slots:

  • LifeInCartoonMotion
  • HailLucy

Please note that I might not draw every sketch the same and that some might be more / less than others, it entirely depends on my current mood and time frame. That does by no means say that I didn't like drawing a character; it's merely dependent on what I'm able to do at the moment I sketch! Thank you for lending me your characters for practice!

Finished requests can be found HERE

If you really like how the sketch of your character turned out, you can of course also commission me to finish it either traditionally or digitally! Prices for finishing sketches go down from my regular prices to 10$ for a portrait and 15$ for a chibi since I only do those fullbody and it takes up more of the sketchpage.

Or if you want to support me otherwise, there's also the option to buy me a coffee!


Ohh, I love your art! Could you draw or

Aeviid Eggdis

Do you think you could maybe consider Aeviid? I haven't really gotten around to drawing her a full body but she has plenty of images in her wardrobe tab you could draw her in!

I love your last example oof, beefy demons are my favourite


tysm for the opportunity!! would be okay to draw? :0


EEeeeeee I love dem sketches!
I'd love if you drew Mwins in any of his appearances!

Cole Verose

Maybe Kenji if he interests you? Thanks for considering & good luck! ^^ //and yes, I'll keep in mind the "sketchy" part of the deal, haha.

Damien Vinatrix

Maybe this boy? 

Thank you! <3

Grimarye Rainbow000Pegasus

I got super confused since I know you drew one of my characters before and not on TH and I was trying to remember where else I might have seen your username haha, apparently you had a different one on the site we met on pfft.

Would you like to draw Grimarye? As a soul, his book vessel or human is fine. If not, that's fine. Thanks!

Pacify Saltminer

These look so nice, my goodness!!

If you could draw Pacify, or anyone in the folder “paciverse” I’d be very grateful!!




Full size image I decided to go with Void! The design just really stuck with me well. It said in his bio that he's the flirty type, so I thought that mood might fit the sketch well ;} Hope you like it and thanks for the request! ♥




Full size image

I love her piercing combination and the choice of wardrobe with it! A very classy vampire lady you've got there. I'm not used to drawing frilly things, so it was also a nice challenge for me~ Thank you for the request! c:

Hahah, thanks, he's actually the only one of my own characters in that batch, all others were also requests from various other pages :')

 Magnesyte MoonLotus-Hime

Lovely sketchies. Try Magnesyte if you like~


aaaah! Aeviid turned out great!! Thank you so much! I Also absolutely love your beefy boy oof




Full size image

This boy looks as sweet as the lollipops he craves! Loved drawing the floppy ears and horn c:

Eggdis I'm glad you like it! And thanks, he's my favorite child to draw atm as well;;



I tried to go a bit with more asian features with the eyes and face form since it's mentioned he's asian in his bio, I hope you like it as it turned out! Thank you for the request c:


Hello! Maybe any of them will interest you? ;v;

Ty for the opportunity ♥