looking for art trades

Posted 20 days, 1 hour ago by ryuryu

i would like to do a few art trades for motivation & practice. i will only draw anthros and ferals. no humans. im also looking for anthro art only. 

id really like art of my fursona Onemy warriorsona Leopardfrost, or Kiba. However you are free to draw anyone of these characters as well.

i can do just about anything, headshots/busts/full body/couple art even backgrounds/scenes. my default lineart is very sketchy but i can also do lineless or normal lines if you would prefer just please specify. i can do shading as well if you would like. i can do nsfw & any amount of gore as well. i definitely enjoy drawing gore & body horror the most. headshot = headshot, full body = full body, etc. i would like the same amount of effort both ways.

here are a few quick examples but you can go to my deviantart for more







ryuryu ooh i love your art style,, tbh im not very good at ferals/anthros but this would be good practice,, https://toyhou.se/2884439.basil/2918637.beast-form Could i get art of her? Im totally fine with gore other than eye trauma,, And for mu part id love to draw popsicle!!


Ooooh I'd love to do a trade!!! my art examples can be found here and here if you're down we can discuss things further!


Your sketchy style is really nice!!

Would you be up for trading with me?

I would draw you something like this in return,im currently experimenting a bit!!



Grottotome she's very cute i would love to draw her! i'd love art of popsicle as well, what would you be interested in trading? half/full body, lined/sketchy, etc? 

phoenixoftheparadise yes i would definitely like to trade! who would like for me to draw/who do you want to draw & what would you like to trade?

QueerDeer i'd be up for it, who do you want to draw/want me to draw? would you want to trade something exactly like the example?


ryuryu I dont really mind what type you do!! :0 Ill probably do a sketch since I ended up winding up in commissions rn,so you could also do a sketch but honestly do whatever you feel like 

I'll draw One! Could you draw anyone here?

Phoenix phoenixoftheparadise

Sorry for the late response! I'd love something of my main sona (tagged above!) I'm thinking maybe a bust shot?



but lined+ halfbody sounds fun!!


sorry for late responses, been busy lately.

QueerDeer I can draw raakish. will the sketches be colored or b&w? and full/half body or bust? 

phoenixoftheparadise can do! Would you like that colored & lined or sketchy?