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expectations for you 

If you want a freebie - post no more than 3 characters; give me a prompt if you want a drabble, aesthetic if you want a board, or just say pwease for some headcanons. Freebies are done sporadically based on inspiration; feel free to post multiple times with different requests.

If you want a trade - follow the above but feel free to add more specifics if you want. if you're offering art, a sample or two and what you're willing to draw for me (sketch bust, flat color chibi, etc.) would be very helpful. if you're offering writing, please link to your library. if you're offering aesthetic boards, maybe one or two examples of your work would be nice just so i know what format you follow. for headcanons... just say you wanna do some headcanons for me. ;)

expectations for me 

I guarantee I'll write you something at least 400 words for writing. I guarantee at least 6 headcanons for your characters (feel free to ask for relationship hc between your charas or offer multiple characters). I guarantee at least 6 pictures in your aesthetic board (that's the format I like c:).

I will not write: nsfw if you/your characters are minors or furry/anthro/feral/kemonomimi characters. 

I don't post my half of the trade first, sorry. I respond to freeb requests if I do them; I respond to trades within three days - usually after I finish a previous trade of mine. I tend to not accept more than 3 at a time for my sanity.


Added more things!

Cleo spheal

marking this so i remember to edit later but ill prob draw hana [eyeing a couple others though !] !!! id love some hc's of my girl cleo !!! [since i cant think of any prompts sdbhjnfk]

art examples just in case


spheal i love cleo omg i've already got some HCs cookin up just from her profile, lmk if you have a bio on her but even w/o it i've got some fun ideas and may be able to make up a little drabble to go with the headcanons!!


Heck I'd do a trade if you'd be interested!!!
I could draw a character from your progress folder with a full background and floaty gif (optional, let me know if you would rather just the static image)

1) https://toyhou.se/3451937.jane-and-badger
2) Prompt 1. Maybe Badger out exploring the forest looking for gems and she feels like something's following her but she can't pin point it. It's Jane just making sure nothing attacks Badger.
2. Maybe like Jane being sad and Badger is trying to help by rubbing her back and talking about it.

I totally understand if not though!!!


Parasolhyena Usually I don't do animal characters but I've written for yours before so I'm more comfortable and totally down for your request cuz I like that first prompt a lot!! Do you have a preference on who you'd draw from the progress folder? && honestly the background and gif is extra - I love your art and I'm totally happy with just a regular drawing from you <3


timeandtimor Ahhh thank you! Sorry about that!!! I Just adore your writing!

Not really! I was thinking maybe either R or Lexi but if you'd prefer a different character just let me know!!! ^^


Parasolhyena I haven't shown R love in a long time if you go with him~ <3 I should have your request and spheal's done by next Saturday but I'll be sure to leave updates; I think I'll be able to work on them at college this week c:


Is it alright if I get a writing freeb? I have a good scenario involving my children Cheryl, Alice and Batsu! They have a club called the “HH” or “human-haters” club but they mostly just sit around and teach Cheryl about earth stuff. Maybe write something quick about one of those meetings? Thank you!!


I'd be up to do a trade if you like ^^
I could draw Moa or Hana
As for writing, I'd love some headcanons for Erik or Freya or maybe Peter adventuring on a mission (could be successful or unsuccessful, up to you ^^) Thanks for the chance ^^


timeandtimor I hope this is okay!

Also here's a folder with all the alt files!!! :https://sta.sh/22cfzxu1q6iy
Thank you so much! and take your time! No rush!!!


Sent out my end of the trade to ParasolHyena <3

Waiting on spheal <3

123penguin64 either moa or hana would be amazing! i like all of your kiddos, not sure who i'll focus on but i'm sure i can do HCs for all three. c: do you prefer PMs or to post it here?


PMs would be great! ^^ :D


finally finished my side !!!! hope its okay that i drew kameyo instead !! also as for cleo's bio i dont have one written up yet just due to the story shes in not rlly being developed yet but if theres any info youd need about her to help w writing just shoot me a pm !!



spheal cute af!! thank you! I'll have your side finished tomorrow if I don't finish editing it tonight! <333