F/AT] writing, hc, aesthetic boards

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expectations for you 

If you want a freebie - post no more than 3 characters; give me a prompt if you want a drabble, aesthetic if you want a board, or just say pwease for some headcanons. Freebies are done sporadically based on inspiration; feel free to post multiple times with different requests.

If you want a trade - follow the above but feel free to add more specifics if you want. if you're offering art, a sample or two and what you're willing to draw for me (sketch bust, flat color chibi, etc.) would be very helpful. if you're offering writing, please link to your library. if you're offering aesthetic boards, maybe one or two examples of your work would be nice just so i know what format you follow. for headcanons... just say you wanna do some headcanons for me. ;)

expectations for me 

I guarantee I'll write you something at least 400 words for writing. I guarantee at least 6 headcanons for your characters (feel free to ask for relationship hc between your charas or offer multiple characters). I guarantee at least 6 pictures in your aesthetic board (that's the format I like c:).

I will not write: nsfw if you/your characters are minors or furry/anthro/feral/kemonomimi characters. 

I don't post my half of the trade first, sorry. I respond to freeb requests if I do them; I respond to trades within three days - usually after I finish a previous trade of mine. I tend to not accept more than 3 at a time for my sanity.


I would love to do multiple aesthetic boards for a headcanon or two of my boy? https://toyhou.se/3536750.valentine No need to take into account the world he lives in cause the info I have for it still needs to be edited :`D

I'm super stuck on how to develop him further so any fresh ideas would def help me out ;V;

Here are the boards I've done before https://sta.sh/2146eop4terc



Hanae I'm a sucker for romantic characters, I would love to! I would love a board of Bayani (he's a grim and pessimistic guy; personality-wise he's like my 'verse batman lol) and I would love for a red and grayscale aesthetic board of him... I think bloody face/blood in general stuff, those red smoke aesthetic pics, hand pics, bruising, etc. would work really well. I don't know a lot of aesthetic names so I'm sorry for the lengthy description LOL but stuff that's red or black or gray or white but has an angry/cynical tone would be absolutely perfect for him

One of Elliott would be appreciated too; he's like a popstar but in space... very developed as you can tell by his profile... but he's pretty fun and laidback and doesn't face a lot of consequences. cutesy stuff should be ok but i would love to see some spacey galaxy aesthetic stuff maybe? I'm a sucker for aesthetic boards that follow a character's palette tho if you wanted to do that instead... idk he's more open-ended, i trust you <3


Ooo I love both of their aesthetics! I can definitely do both characters <3 I'll make them once I get back from school :D might make 2 for each haha


Hanae ohh that makes me so excited yay!!


Here are the two I made <3 https://sta.sh/25owih22k6p . I went with a black/red approach for Bayani, while I focused more on Elliott's popstar side in the board >v< I hope it's okay

Will make another set of aesthetic boards if you feel like having another for both Elliott and Bayani? But, I can definitely do any of your other characters if you want!


Hanae oh thank you! I'm good with just the two boards~ I'll have your headcanons tonight <333