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expectations for you 

If you want a freebie - post no more than 3 characters; give me a prompt if you want a drabble, aesthetic if you want a board, or just say pwease for some headcanons. Freebies are done sporadically based on inspiration; feel free to post multiple times with different requests.

If you want a trade - follow the above but feel free to add more specifics if you want. if you're offering art, a sample or two and what you're willing to draw for me (sketch bust, flat color chibi, etc.) would be very helpful. if you're offering writing, please link to your library. if you're offering aesthetic boards, maybe one or two examples of your work would be nice just so i know what format you follow. for headcanons... just say you wanna do some headcanons for me. ;)

expectations for me 

I guarantee I'll write you something at least 400 words for writing. I guarantee at least 6 headcanons for your characters (feel free to ask for relationship hc between your charas or offer multiple characters). I guarantee at least 6 pictures in your aesthetic board (that's the format I like c:).

I will not write: nsfw if you/your characters are minors or furry/anthro/feral/kemonomimi characters. 

I don't post my half of the trade first, sorry. I respond to freeb requests if I do them; I respond to trades within three days - usually after I finish a previous trade of mine. I tend to not accept more than 3 at a time for my sanity.


All trades complete c:


Hello,  I wouldn't mind doing a trade if this is still open ^^ I can draw for you a full color half body like the recent examples featured here. I'd like to draw Elliott for you ^^ I might take a while due to classes but I guarantee it'll be done ~

In return I would like either HCs or a short scene with Francium and Actinium; they're a father daughter pair so I guess any sweet bonding scenario between the two can work ^^ Or maybe let Francium be super curious about Cesium? She'd ask her dad a bunch of questions about him to know more of him xD

Thankies if you consider ^^;;l


Kirbygal Sounds fun! I can definitely do a short scene and I'll try and do a few HCs but since they're based off elements, I'll prolly do a liiittttle research xD


Okay :D I have some info and extra written here about them too for some help, but of you have any questions at all feel free to ask whatever you want ^^

As for Elliot, should I draw him as how he looks in the colored picture or would he look different owo ?


Kirbygal the colored reference is fine! I prefer the first outfit if you don't mind <3 I'll be sure to ask questions if I have any!! c:


timeandtimor would you do an aes board for a bust with simple shading?


Grottotome I would love to! What character did you have in mind, and did you want any specific theme/palette or am I free to pick one/go off of the design? Would you be comfortable drawing Kat? [Her eyebrows are pink by mistake, if you don't mind drawing them brown instead <3]


Hello! I'm interested in doing a trade! :D

Here's examples of my art!

I'm willing to do any of the types of drawing I work with depending on what you're willing to write ;v;

I'd love to see a short scene of Johan/Viccio and The Collector, either crack or serious. Just tell me what you'd be more up to and any opt info you need and I'll be glad to tell!

Thanks for considering <3


Barbilou I'll be able to look at your characters more thoroughly tomorrow but I can definitely see something funny with Johan and Viccio though with the Collector, I'm wondering if when you say serious you're wanting something dark? Or just serious in a plot/action/adventure kind of sense? I'm open to all of the above, though my darker stuff can get nsfw and I'm not sure about your age or if you're even looking for that kind of thing. c: 

Would you be comfortable drawing Bayani or Kai? The former might be a little complicated of a design for just a trade so it's fine if that's a no, and the latter is a simple avatar reference so I would totally understand not wanting to draw either of them ^^ If that's the case then I would love art of Kat but she only has a bust reference so if you were willing to draw more of her, you would have to just slap a pair of jeans and converse on and call it a day (or invent an outfit of your own for her, I'm all for artistic liberty on Kat's design).


Oo, I'd love to do Kat! I'll start working on it asap <3

And on the matter of the shot, yeah, I was meaning dark by it ^^ But in that case, let's just stick with the crack (becuase yes, I'm a minor ;v;).

Thanks in advance!


timeandtimor SORRY I WAS BUSY KAJSJJ but could i get a lovecore based one for https://toyhou.se/3261963.venus ?


Grottotome That's doable! c; It'll be fun for me <3


Grottotome I don't usually post my end first but I wanted you to look at theeeseeee in case you didn't like them; I've never worked with/heard of lovecore before so I couldn't be sure what actually fell into lovecore parameters and what didn't... so I made 2 aesthetic boards. I tried to keep with your OCs colors. I'm happy to make you a third one if neither of these suit your fancy, if you don't mind telling me what images are or are close to lovecore to help me make what you want? <3





Grottotome omg it makes me so happy to hear that aaaaaa <3333