Art Trade Station ✦ OPEN!

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Kaiser's Art Trades - closed til the queue clears
✦ HQ art for HQ art
✦ Transparent/solid bg or full bg
✦ Can draw anything
✦ Flat colors or shaded
✦ Fake screenshots , VHS sleeves, page dolls, icons
✦ Full bodies, half bodies or headshots/icons
✦ Gore ok
✦ Ask about NSFW

Things I really want to do right now
✦ Gore
Fake screenshots
Full scenes w/ background

Link to your art:
What you want from me:
What you're willing to draw:

✦ Slot One - dust | bust for tiny
 Slot Two- tellerby | full body
Slot Three  - keeping-itt-real | half body
Slot Four - open
Slot Five - open

If I decline your offer, please don't feel bad! I love looking at all the art of everyone who posts on this thread, if I decline it might be because you don't draw many humans, your character designs aren't the kind of thing I enjoy drawing, or our skill levels aren't quite close enough - it's nothing personal and it doesn't mean you're a bad artist! (I feel bad not accepting everyone ;w;)

Completed trades


Hmmmm OHOHOHO I adore your style and character, I'd be happy to do a trade!!

Alphanix Ooh, I've never received writing in a trade before! Sounds fun. Ferals aren't my go-to, but I can draw them! Here's some samples. Shoot me a DM with refs/what you want and we can discuss writing, I'm willing to do any level of finish c: 


Link to your art:

That you want from me:

What you're willing to draw: Feral, Anthro, Human although I prefer drawing feral/anthro, and gore

Other comments: I would like some pastel gore of her full body and shaded if you like if thats ok


Link to your art: Here's a few recent pieces!! 

What you want from me: Either a fullbody or a halfbody with transparent background of this kiddo!!

What you're willing to draw: Either a shaded+highlighted fullbody or a shaded+highlighted halfbody of a humanoid character!! I can try an anthro but I'm way better at humanoids n humans hah--


Link to your art: My TH art tab and my dA. My dA is chronological and my Th has my newest stuff mixed in with old art.

What you want from me: I'm really interested in a full scene or a fake screenshot. But I'm down for anything. Maybe some gore.

What you're willing to draw: Full scene, fullbodies. Pretty much anything that is equal to what I'm getting. I can do ferals, anthros, humanoids, and monsters.


TenMomentsTill OH YES I'd love to trade with you, your art is super nice. I'm up for either a full scene or a screenshot, your choice c: I'd like a full scene of this character, a snowy outdoor setting would be great. Feel free to bloody it up if that suits you, too.

@ Other commenters: I'm keeping you guys in mind! I want to see who else comments, I may get back to you in the future.

Hmmmm Finished! He was SUCH a blast to draw, love them wrinkles


Hmmmm !!! I LOVE IT, than you so much <3


Omg! Your style is awesome! I am definitely interested. 

Link to your art:  (The trade will be digital artwork)

What you want from me:

I'm actually interested in some gore art of this guy.   I'm okay with a full or a half body. I don't really care what you do with the background, that will be left up to you if you want to make it transparent or not. Also, go all out on the gore factor if you want to. The gorier the better, but only do what is comfortable to you. :3

What you're willing to draw:

I'm willing to draw about anything. I will draw something fully colored and shaded in return. I can attempt full body, but I do need a little more work on my anatomy. I prefer to draw anthros/furries, but I will draw a humanoid if it's what you want. 

Thanks for the opportunity. :3


Your art is great! I'd love to trade!

Link to your art: Furaffinity, Tumblr
What you want from me: Fake Screenshot or Full Scene, your choice. It's from the dnd campaign i'm in
What you're willing to draw: I'm willing to give anything a go tbh! I'm kinda wanting to do a fullbody scene type deal! I'm willing to do mulitple characters!

Link to your art: Deviantart! I would prefer to do something like my last 2 works since im experimenting on that style currently but its also ok if you dont want that!!
What you want from me: A painting or a full scene (or a screenshot I really dont mind as long as you have fun) :0
What you're willing to draw: Anything to be honest! Painting preffered