Free Headshots for YOU

Posted 6 days, 5 hours ago (Edited 2 days, 15 hours ago) by Amber-Lynne

I will likely be PICKY regarding who I choose. (If you want me to DEFINITELY draw your OC, I AM available for commission!)

Anyway, hit me with your OC's.

SPECIFIC OC's. Don't tell me to look through and take my pick. Post IC. If you don't post IC and link instead, I'm going to ignore your post. Sorry

Anthros/Animal faces are less likely to be done. Sorry ^ ^;;

My progress may or may not be recorded and posted to Youtube (with character credit, of course). By posting your character here, you agree to my potential posting of the video.

Oh yeah. You'll get something like the following. Also, click them to see their profiles if you're interested.

I'm not replying to people. Might get to be a bit hectic for me. Feel free to post. This thread is OPEN for posts.
Since I'm not replying directly to people, If I fave your character, to DO plan to draw them!

Khoja VincentVanGoat

Oooh I like the style, and I think it could suit Khoja well!~ There's a palette on one of her images if it helps~

Thanks for the chance!~ 



Well, she'd definitely be different from my standard! 

Hmmmm, you may very well get a headshot of her =) 

(I'll try, but I can't make any promises! As I said, different from the standard. Even if not extreme. Lol)


Ah, well hey if it works out, it'll be cool to see how you tackle her, and if not, well hey, no worries there!~ It's just really cool of you to consider her~

Arwen Ilikepony

Hello! Maybe this girl will interest you? ^^

Ty for the opportunity!

Stormhunters Would he interest you?



Oh damn. She's gorgeous~<3

I'll definitely see if I can do her long hair justice!

Aaron TheStrayCat

I would love one of my man Aaron, if you're feeling up to it! You can I close his glasses or not, depending on how you feel. :) Thank you for the chance and have a great day! 

sapphire sonder lordsatin

i'd love something of my kiddo if that's okay!

thanks and have a lovely day!


Amber-Lynne Aaaw thank you! qUq

Milo Vinatrix

Maybe this boy will interest you? Thank you for this chance! Your art is beautiful! 

Kronos - Chauron RaykayRa

Maybe you wanna try him ? c: Thank you much for the chance <3 

It is really kind of you ~ <3


hii if you could possibly do a headshot of:

only if you wanna uwu

Ophelia Celesté Rainbow000Pegasus

Hey! Would you be interested in my OC Ophelia?
If not, that's fine. Thanks!

Cassius SkywardtheDragon

Cassius would love his face immortalized in a painting.

Amethyst MoonLotus-Hime

Oooo lovely painting❤ Give Amethyst a try if she interest you in all~