Free Headshots for YOU

Posted 6 days, 4 hours ago (Edited 2 days, 14 hours ago) by Amber-Lynne

I will likely be PICKY regarding who I choose. (If you want me to DEFINITELY draw your OC, I AM available for commission!)

Anyway, hit me with your OC's.

SPECIFIC OC's. Don't tell me to look through and take my pick. Post IC. If you don't post IC and link instead, I'm going to ignore your post. Sorry

Anthros/Animal faces are less likely to be done. Sorry ^ ^;;

My progress may or may not be recorded and posted to Youtube (with character credit, of course). By posting your character here, you agree to my potential posting of the video.

Oh yeah. You'll get something like the following. Also, click them to see their profiles if you're interested.

I'm not replying to people. Might get to be a bit hectic for me. Feel free to post. This thread is OPEN for posts.
Since I'm not replying directly to people, If I fave your character, to DO plan to draw them!

Cersei Ayano

Maybe Cersei? Thanks for considering & good luck with whoever you choose! :>

Amethyst Radiance leolion2009

You have a lovely art style!  This character would look great in it.  Thank you for the opportunity.


Just wanted to update to say that I went through and faved a bunch!
If I faved your character You will get a headshot from me! (It might take me a bit to get through 'em all, admittedly > >)
They are NOT first come first served. I will make my way through them over time, yes, BUT considering it's a few days to do one, it'll take me some time. 

I AM still accepting people who want to have one! These are meant to be a thing for me to do when I need something else to do.
Nothing serious, kind of thing.
So even if it seems there are a lot, I'm ALWAYS accepting more who may want a headshot~<3
What harm is there in you posting, anyway? =) 

 Cinna StrawberryLunala

Perhaps Cinna would be someone to draw? Thanks for the chance!

Azami saphleon

Maybe Azami? Thank you for the chance dear!



Here's a WiP of Amethyst!



Ah, coolio! Thanks for wip of my Amethyst as well as drawing her~ Can't wait see the rest in completion❤

Roxanne SoulLugia11

Hello! Your art style is lovely! <3 If Roxanne interests you, feel free to draw her! Thank you for the opportunity! ^^


MoonLotus-Hime Click for larger


Nala aaawhyme

really like the way you draw hair! 

keep up the good work!

Maybe you'd like to draw my oc, Nala? 


AAAhhhh! She look very lovely! Thank your so much for drawing/painting of my Amethyst~ Love this❤

Soraya TopazTalon

If you could possible draw my girl, Soraya, I'd be super happy! 

Thanks for the opportunity!