Hey guys! I thought that it would be fun to make some stickers (Not actual stickers though. It's just a sticker-like design) of your OC's in exchange for some artwork of my OC's. 

As the title says, these are traditional. They will be drawn on paper, and they will be colored with markers and/or colored pencils. (Markers for the most part). 

You can have one sticker per every piece of art that you draw of my oc. 1 art = 1 sticker. If you trade me three pieces of art for three stickers, I will give you the fourth one free. 3 arts = 4 stickers.

Examples of the stickers. (These examples are all kinda rushed and the lighting didn't turn out so well. The stickers I give you won't be like that. I will eventually get new examples up.)




Also, if you want some sort of specific style or pattern on your sticker, I can do that. For example:

You can have the name of your OC with a "drip" style like this:


Or you can stick with the casual bubble letters, or you can tell me to write the name in a different style than the ones that I have listed. 

And you can add little decorations/patterns on your sticker too. Like these:


These can be whatever shape or pattern you choose.

I am best at drawing anthros/furries, but I can still attempt drawing a few humanoids. 

These are NOT first come first serve.

If you are interested in one of these, please fill out the form below: (If you want more than one sticker, you need a separate form for each one.)


Your OC:

What you are willing to offer me:

Link to your art examples:

OC Name color: (this determines the color I use to color in your OC's name with at the bottom of your sticker)

Name style (optional):

Shapes/decorations/patterns (optional):

Extras/notes (optional):

Once you post your form below, I will ping you back with what I would like you to draw. Have fun y'all!