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Pronunciation: doll-FIN
Height: 4'00"-11'00"
Lifespan: 200-400 years
Stereotype: Sexual, flirty, flaky, ghosters
Diet: Carnivorous (meat) & Pescetarianist (fish)

Please see this tag for examples of Dolphins.



5006809_TKjq9WxZ2gjd6P6.pngDolphin culture depends heavily on the variants. Overall, their in-race culture involves a hierarchical harem system of the four variants. Exceptions can be found, but Dolphins who grow up around non-Dolphins will still tend to attempt to form harems, either with themselves as leader or as another individual they perceive as stronger as leader. Typically they welcome non-Dolphins into their harems as well, but not always. Harems are not strictly sexual, but they often are when it comes to Dolphins.

At the bottom of the system are the Plantas Dolphins - the smallest, at around 4'-6'. Plantas are often characterized as ditzy dreamers who have no real passion or guidance and need the instruction of those higher up in the hierarchy, but many would disagree with this stereotype. They are the most common Dolphin type, and the kind most others will think when a "Dolphin" is mentioned. 

Next on the ladder is the Delphin, the second-most common variant, at 5'-7'. Delphin are said to be hardworking and eager to please, but often become antsy without something to do and fidget with their hands if they aren't holding something. Their markings are a surefire way to identify them, and many will use body paint to accent these markings in a way to appear more attractive. When a harem lacks a Pseudorca or an Orca, Delphins will often squabble among themselves for who gets to be leader. 

Second-highest are the Pseudorca, which mimic the coloring of Orcas but lack the paler markings, and stand at 8'-12'. Pseudorcas are stereotyped as calm, calculating, and shifty, and most would probably agree with this. They are reasonably rare and while they don't lord this fact over the other Dolphins' heads, they tend to carry an atmosphere of that they know best. Pseudorcas, when not around Orcas, often take control of a harem, and many seek to keep that control. While most would give up their harem to an Orca, if one so happened to appear, there are a few that would battle to keep it. Most of the time, giving it up is preferred, as they will likely become the Orca's right-hand Dolphin.

Finally, at the top are the Orca, the rarest and tallest, at 9'-11'. Orcas are almost unanimously in charge of harems, and this has led to most assuming they are arrogant, mocking, and egotistical. Many would angrily deny this, and claim instead they're fair and kind leaders who take care of their underlings. Most non-Dolphins would only know of Orcas if one was in control of a harem nearby; otherwise they may not even know what one is unless they took race informational classes. They tend to be surrounded by a small group of Pseudorca which are their trusted confidants, and then manage the rest of the harem through these individuals. 



All Dolphins, regardless of variant, are anbinary, and can reproduce with any sexed race. They hybridize incredibly easily and various mutations are extremely common. Most Dolphins choose to indulge in orgies or in groupsex, even with non-Dolphins, and are often openly sexual to the point of making other races flustered. They have no qualms about public sex or public indecency, which can lead to some awkward arrests. Most would choose to wear skimpy outfits/straight-up lingerie, even in public.

Children are raised by the entire harem, and many children don't know who their true parent is unless raised outside of the system or by lone Dolphins. They are incredibly social and are encouraged to spend most of their time playing and indulging in their childhood.

Dolphins are not, however, placental mammals. They instead have an estrus cycle, and while they can have children outside of this cycle, most of the children are conceived during Illdan, Pyrldan, and Freendan. Orcas are typically the father of most of the harem's children, but this can vary. Gestation takes between 10-11 months, and most Dolphins give birth to 1-4 children (not considered twins, since each child can have a different father).

They produce viable hybrids with Sharks.



5061832_wuXOx7otLX4Fsj9.pngAppearance, once again, is dependent on a Dolphin's variant. All Dolphin have gills and can breathe underwater and in polluted air indefinitely. 

Plantas are small, chubby, and squishy. Their fins on their arms/back are very small compared to most other finned races, and their head fins are round and flatter. Their tail does not have the colors of their hair on it, and is often notched.

Delphin have patterning all around their body - stripes on the edges of their fins that are the color of their eyes, separated from their main body color by a white stripe. Their fins are longer and sharper, and their tailfins are the same color as their hair color. They also have sharp canines, which often poke out of their mouths. It's presumed that these are for hunting, as Delphin often were the hunters for the harems.

Pseudorcas are taller, and typically are darker colors than other Dolphin. Their fins are longer and their headfins have notches in them, as a telltale sign of their rank. Their tails have four fins rather than two, with a smaller set sprouting near the end. These are still their hair color, however. Pseudorcas lack colorful markings and are almost always monotone, save for a few rare mutations. 

Orcas look nearly identical to Pseudorcas, except they have pale patterning all over their body. Typically this patterning is of a lighter, saturated shade of their base coat color, but mutations are common. They almost always have sharper teeth (rather than just fangs), and are broader than the other variants. 



  • Dolphins greet others by kissing the hand for acquaintances/strangers, cheeks for friends, family, and higher-ranking harem members, and mouth for lovers/harem leaders.
  • The typical meal consists of lavishly-prepared fish and well-cut meats. It's considered to rude to snack during the day, so most Dolphins settle by drinking copious amounts of water to curb midday hunger. Particularly wealthy Dolphins will adorn dishes with expensive vegetables and fruits, although they can't actually digest these and end up vomiting them up later.
  • Notched headfins are considered more attractive, and some Dolphins will purposefully hack at their ears to produce the desired notches. Pseudorca and Orca naturally have notched fins.
  • Touching the tail is often interpreted as a sexual and/or domineering advance. Not following it up with more flirting/sex is considered very rude.
  • They don't intend to be, but Dolphins are often gossips due to how social their lifestyle is. On the bright side, they very easily forgive and forget, making them often a good race to turn to when ostracized.
  • Harems where a Plantas Dolphin is the leader are often seen as laughingstocks.
  • Dolphins are banned from most mixed-race swimming competitions. 
  • Orcas are innately more sexually interested in other races - they find non-Dolphins almost irresistible. This usually is expressed in a lot of erotica of non-Dolphins, although Orcas rarely would abandon their harem for someone of another race.
  • Dolphins give their dead burials at sea, or if in crowded cities, "drown" the body in water before sending them to a funeral home. Some sort of waterlogging is required, culturally, and dumping the bodies into an ocean/lake with weights is the most preferred form. Especially popular Orcas and Pseudorcas may have harems that make a pilgrimage to a huge body of water to dump their corpse into.