Setting Overview

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RPG Hell (will I ever come up with a real name) is the story of a young  man named Vitrail Alkester who's told he's the Chosen One(TM) and must  save the world!! Which he accomplishes by recruiting a bunch of  blatantly villainous criminals using the power of his endearing  optimism!!!!!! But that's not what this post is about. This is about the  setting itself!

RPG Hell takes place on the planet of Holann, an isolated planet unaware  of other life in the universe much like Earth. Due to its location in a  particularly desolate part of the universe, it's been untouched by  other civilizations. This perhaps is for the best, as Holann has a rare  abnormality: for some reason, its core radiates soul energy in  abundance, absorbing latent soul energy in the universe (a concept I'll  go into in some other post, probably about Entirety theory and its  structure) and pulsing it outward into the planet. This creates pools  and streams of soul energy underground in Hell, springs of soul energy  on the surface, and a constant influx of monsters and fae being formed.

Holann is pretty Earth-like, having a similar sun, a moon, a variety of  biomes, and animal species that almost entirely match Earth's because  creativity is hard fuck you!!! I'm still working out the geography cuz I  wanna try making a map to define different areas more, but there are a  lot of different places and races and whatnot and I'll talk about that  in another post. There are five categories of sentient species on  Holann:

  • Humans: Normal human  beings that are basically identical to Earth humans. The only  differences are hair and eye colors having more variety, magic usage  being relatively common, and slower physical aging. There are a number  of different races just like on Earth, though overall Holann humans are  more united than Earth humans. Humans and their races, culture, etc.  will be elaborated on in their own post.

  • Demons: Refers to the  sapient beings that originate from Hell: Dragons, Devils, and Imps.  Despite technically being three different species, they're all referred  to as demons and seldom refer to themselves as anything other than  demons. They have a tumultuous relationship with humans, at times  coexisting with them but oftentimes terrorizing them. They feed on  souls, making them naturally conflict with other Holann species. They'll  also be elaborated on in their own post.

  • Fae: Small beings made of  pure soul energy, simply appearing out of soul pools and the plant life  that grows by them. They tend to be very small, rarely growing beyond  1'0". There are three different varieties of fae: Imps (fae residing in  Hell,) Fairies (fae residing on the surface,) and High Fae (fae of  advanced age who live in isolated communities,) though often all of them  are just called fairies. They are preyed upon by demons and monsters  and also have a poor history with humans: they tend to either not be  taken seriously due to their size, abducted and sold as pets, killed or  subjugated for use as magic batteries, or used for research and testing.  Because of the wrongs they've suffered, they actively avoid other  beings and form colonies in isolated places. They'll also get their own  post!

  • Monsters: Beings created  from non-sentient entities, such as objects, rocks, plants, etc. Due to  the abnormal soul flow on Holann, these entities sometimes collect so  much soul energy that they are brought to life and subsequently evolve  into monsters, especially in areas close to soul pools, streams, and  springs. Monsters ravenously crave soul energy to stabilize themselves,  hunting any other being with a soul and prompting the organization of  monster hunters. If they consume enough souls they begin to grow sapient  and human-like, absorbing knowledge and emotions from their victims.  These "advanced monsters" are controversial figures: eventually in terms  of personality and mental function they become indistinguishable from  humans and therefore it's immoral to slay them, but they only got that  way by devouring the souls of countless humans... Maybe they'll get  their own post because this is getting kinda long?? who knows

  • Animals: Normal animals.  Yeah. It's rare for them to become corrupted by soul energy, but still  possible should they be fed sufficient amounts of soul energy - this  mostly happens with animals who exist in or around large sources of soul  energy as it quenches thirst just as water does.

The origins of various species are a mystery, as Holann's unorthodox  structure (Hell being not far below the surface and the core of the  planet being made of soul energy, essentially maintaining everything via  magic) isn't conducive to creating a decent fossil record. As far as  anyone is aware, all beings have existed since the dawn of time...  however long that is. It's assumed fae and monsters existed first due to  the soul flow always being present, with humans perhaps being evolved  fae or monsters from an unknown object. It's suggested that then animals  evolved from monsters and demons are actually soul-corrupted humans -  something assumed to be impossible. There have been legends of corrupted  humans, but all treated as myths.

Records such as ancient art and writing seem to indicate that all  species cooperated with each other on and off - there were even some  humans who lived in Hell, and interbreeding - while not exactly  commonplace - wasn't unheard of. But as they do in modern times, they  had long periods of conflict and war - mostly over the inherently  predatory nature of demons toward humans and fae. As of RPG Hell demons  have been banished from the surface and unwelcome to society for a bit  over a century. This followed a devastating war between demons and  humans, initiated by demons in an attempt to subjugate humans and gain  control over the entirety of the planet. The humans managed to fight  them back into Hell, with prominent demon war leaders either being slain  or withdrawing for various reasons. Since then most passageways to and  from Hell have either been closed up or heavily guarded, with  demon-slaying considered a noble profession to keep humanity safe. Fae  remain estranged from humans, but since the war humans have attempted to  patch up relations.

Due to magic being a fact of life (though not something everyone has)  and constant conflicts with demons halting progress, technology has  evolved differently than on Earth. Televisions, for example, have only  started becoming commonplace. Phones aren't that common, either.  Automobiles are uncommon and lack the support of a road system.  Additionally, since fossil fuels aren't really a thing due to the  aforementioned structure of the planet, electronics are instead powered  by solar, wind, or soul energy. It's more convenient to use magic to  communicate or transport, whether it's one's own magic, the magic of a  professional magic-user, or magic from various soul energy-fueled  facilities. Because of this, magic users often have a higher place in  society and tend to be wealthier than those without magic. The power  imbalance isn't too severe, though, but there are of course exceptions  everywhere. That's for the human post, though! Technology is extremely  rare among non-humans, with non-humans relying exclusively on magic for  their needs.

Much of Holann's history is poorly recorded with most knowledge being  passed through word of mouth. Only the past thousand years or so have  proper record-keeping. Furthermore, much of ancient recorded knowledge  is contained deep in Hell, left by all sorts of species discussing all  sorts of things. Historians are desperate to get to this information,  but due to how dangerous Hell is and how uncooperative demons tend to be  with humans (much preferring to devour their souls and make a nice side  from their flesh) this information is generally considered lost to  time. This causes conflict for our "heroes:" supposedly the great evil  Vitrail must slay arises every thousand years, but records from that  time are extremely spotty and no one really knows what Seven Obligatory  Plot Coupons the group is supposed to be collecting to stop it...

And, uhh... that's it! Everything else either fits into a species  discussion post (which covers both physiology and sociology) or a future  geography post, so yeah!!