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  • Operating system and browser: Windows 11 - Using Google Chrome
  • Description of the bug: I wanted to test the new mobile preview feature and it worked but when I returned to the desktop preview, there's a bug where it sent the code I was working on into the sidebar. I tried removing it by deleting all of the code but it seems trapped in there. I think it can be fixed by clearing my cookies but I just wanted to let you know about it.
  • Link to code that made the bug appear (if available): n/a because I took out the code and it's still there lol
  • Screen captures (if available):
    • image.png?width=1247&height=671

Ahh, it looks like the HTML may have gone to the Blurb area. This seems to happen sometimes and I need to get to the bottom of it - were you editing the Blurb HTML at any point? And did the code jump there immediately after removing mobile view?


Oh, I didn't even know the blurb section could be clicked into to edit the side-bar so no, I've never edited the Blurb HTML at any point.    And the code jumped there immediately after removing mobile view. Though I tried doing what I did again to see if I can replicate the problem but I was unable to get the same results.