[READ] Todo List

Posted 3 years, 11 months ago (Edited 1 year, 2 months ago) by lulu

on the todo list in very rough order of priority:

  • Authorization levels - kinda done, but still looking for ways to improve
  • Worlds Overhaul.
  • View Previous Posts / Subscribed Threads / Created Threads
    • Actually probably just a General Forums overhall...
    • Allowing users to delete their own threads.
    • Showing when posts have been edited (+ possible for mods to see original post?)
  • Folder icons and blurbs
  • Species creation
  • Literature submissions/pages for characters
    • Changable privacy levels for the pages possibly
    • "AU" pages
  • Clean up mass image/character management
  • QoL fixes
    • Mass deletion, links to individual edit panels
    • "Next" button when browsing through character pages.
    • "Are You Sure You Want to Delete" pop-up when hitting delete for posts/comments/everything
  • Deleting comments probably needs a confirmation panel...
  • Site search
    • Character search by tag or unverified URL
    • Image search by URL might be useful too, hm
  • Fix thread notifications links to take you to the latest page... Actually I should have it take you directly to the post, I was too lazy when coding this and it's gonna be a pain in the ass to change now
    • Same with thread links on the forum's front page
  • Random character/user link (only for listed and public characters & users)
  • User autocompletion
  • Tag blocking
  • Layout fixing like just in general going around and fixing forms and also checking to see that everything wraps correctly
  • Liking or favving forum posts
  • World tags maybe
    • World galleries
  • Popular world listing on the front page thinks about it... Maybe worlds that've added a lot of members in the past few days? hm...
  • Have a look at a chat... I don't think cloudflare works with websockets so I'll need to have a think about it rubs chin I don't really like the idea of an AJAX chat
  • Image thumbnail / character avatar cropping tool
    • This is half done but I realised it was taking way too long so I've shelved it for later...
  • Drag & drop uploading
  • Bulk image/characters upload
  • Tagging images with multiple characters
    • stares into the distance i'm not looking forward to this
  • Image tagging and specialised/tagged galleries, embedded galleries for character pages
    • stares further into the distance... also not... looking forward to this...
  • Dice rollers on the forums
  • Downloading threads as a PDF/etc... / downloading character profiles?
  • Custom Post Formatting
  • Delete images from image manager
  • Character link sorting/deleting
    • Editable icons seperate from the character icons?
  • More user options including # of charas displayed on a page.

Feature fixes / comments

  • Watermarked thumbnails needs to be looked at, I'm not really happy with it atm.. 
  • Commission a logo artist for a clean logo 
  • I should just outsource the front end to a proper front end developer
  • Fix how images teleport when you try to drag one that's at the end of the row

Features I'm thinking about and welcome suggestions for:

  • Anonymous comments (if I do throw this in you're still certainly going to have to be logged in so the recipient can report malicious content if necessary)
  • Allowing for fandom/canon characters 
  • World chats - just mulling it over right now...

ooh I like noralltach 's suggestion abotu collab designs A CO CREATOR WOULD BE COOL, i didn't even think about collab ones gdsgkjsd 


CloverCoin You're free to upload anything! I don't think we'd ever consider removing something unless it was stolen... just slap a warning on it if you're worried, and that should be enough. We haven't thought much beyond the basic NSFW tag, but will take those things into consideration. Thanks for bringing it!!

aomaoe gently places page-topper crown on ur head

How do I delete an image from a character's gallery? . ___. I am super blind.

sonyaism If you go to the character's gallery page and then click Edit on the image, there should be a button on the right to delete it! 

lulu - Thank you! I was looking at the "Manage Images" part on the character's page. I didn't think to look in the gallery area.

sonyaism Oh!! Adding mass image deletion and a link to edit individual images into the Manage Images panel is a good idea though, I'll add that to the todo list...

lulu 8D! YAY MY BLINDENESS DID SOMETHING. But yeah, that would be super helpful! I kept going to "Manage Images" and looking at the sidebar sternly wondering where the delete button was. lol XD

Anotehr quick quesiton! I'm trying to add tags to multiple characters at once and there is a Settings>Tag Manager is there any special way to make it work? I can't seem to get it to save anything I try to do with it. Are there any special errors that might cancel it?

CloverCoin Could I ask what browser you're using? I pushed a bug fix for Firefox but you might have to Ctrl+F5 or clear your cache to get the changes. Sorry about the hassle!  

lulu Hassel? Not at all, you're the one doing all the hard work, I can't thank you enough!

I'm using the latest Chrome. I could probably try using Firefox if that means the multi-tagger will work! I'll for sure try the Ctrl+f5 first though!

Edit: Okay, I tried the Crtl+f5 and it worked once. But I can't seem to get it to repeat it. I tried to also on firefox but I can't get it to work on there either. I also did the ctrl+f5 there too, no result. Should there be anytihng else for me to try if it's on my end?

CloverCoin I'm fairly sure it's not on your end if you're using the latest Chrome and Firefox (unless you're running any browser plugins that might affect javascript?) -- I'll ask around and see if anyone's having the same problem and get back to you as soon as I know what the issue is! 

edit: It's tough to debug since I'm not getting problems on my end, but I've tried making some changes to the code, could you ctrl+F5 on your preferred browser and see if that helps? Sorry again for the trouble! 

lulu whatever you did seemed to have worked! I didn't even need to ctrl+f5 and it's working like a dream. Thanks so much for checking on it!

I have a suggestion that I don't think I have seen on the list (I might have missed it). I realize when I uploaded a cropshot image I received in a commission. It makes avatars of characters look super nice. So I've been making 200x200 icons (which I believe is the thumbnail sizes from screenshotting and cropping onto PS). Would it be difficult to add an image cropper to make avatars on the spot for your characters?

I'm not too sure how helpful this feature would be. I definitely would like it. XD

Not sure if this has been suggested yet or incorporated, but I think it would be nice to have a function that lets you opt out of having your character(s) appear on featured and/or recent characters & designs on the front page. I understand we have the protected option, but I still want to able link my friends or people I commission my characters without forcing them to register.