[READ] Todo List

Posted 4 years, 2 months ago (Edited 1 year, 5 months ago) by lulu

on the todo list in very rough order of priority:

  • Authorization levels - kinda done, but still looking for ways to improve
  • Worlds Overhaul.
  • View Previous Posts / Subscribed Threads / Created Threads
    • Actually probably just a General Forums overhall...
    • Allowing users to delete their own threads.
    • Showing when posts have been edited (+ possible for mods to see original post?)
  • Folder icons and blurbs
  • Species creation
  • Literature submissions/pages for characters
    • Changable privacy levels for the pages possibly
    • "AU" pages
  • Clean up mass image/character management
  • QoL fixes
    • Mass deletion, links to individual edit panels
    • "Next" button when browsing through character pages.
    • "Are You Sure You Want to Delete" pop-up when hitting delete for posts/comments/everything
  • Deleting comments probably needs a confirmation panel...
  • Site search
    • Character search by tag or unverified URL
    • Image search by URL might be useful too, hm
  • Fix thread notifications links to take you to the latest page... Actually I should have it take you directly to the post, I was too lazy when coding this and it's gonna be a pain in the ass to change now
    • Same with thread links on the forum's front page
  • Random character/user link (only for listed and public characters & users)
  • User autocompletion
  • Tag blocking
  • Layout fixing like just in general going around and fixing forms and also checking to see that everything wraps correctly
  • Liking or favving forum posts
  • World tags maybe
    • World galleries
  • Popular world listing on the front page thinks about it... Maybe worlds that've added a lot of members in the past few days? hm...
  • Have a look at a chat... I don't think cloudflare works with websockets so I'll need to have a think about it rubs chin I don't really like the idea of an AJAX chat
  • Image thumbnail / character avatar cropping tool
    • This is half done but I realised it was taking way too long so I've shelved it for later...
  • Drag & drop uploading
  • Bulk image/characters upload
  • Tagging images with multiple characters
    • stares into the distance i'm not looking forward to this
  • Image tagging and specialised/tagged galleries, embedded galleries for character pages
    • stares further into the distance... also not... looking forward to this...
  • Dice rollers on the forums
  • Downloading threads as a PDF/etc... / downloading character profiles?
  • Custom Post Formatting
  • Delete images from image manager
  • Character link sorting/deleting
    • Editable icons seperate from the character icons?
  • More user options including # of charas displayed on a page.

Feature fixes / comments

  • Watermarked thumbnails needs to be looked at, I'm not really happy with it atm.. 
  • Commission a logo artist for a clean logo 
  • I should just outsource the front end to a proper front end developer
  • Fix how images teleport when you try to drag one that's at the end of the row

Features I'm thinking about and welcome suggestions for:

  • Anonymous comments (if I do throw this in you're still certainly going to have to be logged in so the recipient can report malicious content if necessary)
  • Allowing for fandom/canon characters 
  • World chats - just mulling it over right now...

The frikken tags man.

While I appreciate that capitalization isn't automatically changed now, the part where a difference in capitalization immediately results in a separate tag is throwing me off big time.

Why can't red eyes and Red Eyes and maybe even Red eyes just be the same tag.


KnightOfSpring If you have the Recent Characters feed turned on, you can hit the browse more button on that. From there the Popular Feed browse more button can be found. It would be nice to have the popular feed button there regardless if the featured one is or not, but this is one way to still access it.


I know tags have been brought up a few times and all but can we make it so capitalization doesn't matter ? I just went looking through a list of tags to find almost nothing tagged under them. But, by chance, one of the characters was tagged with a different capitalization... and low and behold the same word is filled with characters who have been tagged. It would be super useful if caps or no caps when searching will bring up the same results.


bandit1971 I sent in a ticket sometime ago and the response was this:

"Hi, thanks for the report and apologies for the delayed response! I've been informed by a developer that this is currently fixed in the site recode which is launching later this month - we hope it isn't too much of a bother until then."


ElithianFox excellent! I don't mind if it takes a while to kick in as long as it's going to be fixed.


Could i suggest , to insert the possibility to have many folders in our favorites ^^ ? For example, me i want to do the difference between characters i like the design/ characters of my friends/ character implicated with one of my characters and characters i'm interested to buy but thinking about D:


Hellothere!! Im here once again to suggest more ptivacy settings for our ocs and profiles! I also see it is on the to do list but.. maybe specific suggestions help?

Most pressing is that blocked people only have to log out in order to view our profiles and characters, which doesnt damper them at all from stalking our stuff. Id just really love more privacy settings where visitors (i e those without an account / who arent logged in) cannot view our profile, so we dont have to hide our OCs from everyone


suggestions:  1) a ping button for users in forums and comments? for example, a button/link with the poster's username or just "ping" next to the time of post or "Report" that makes their username automatically ping in the reply post? i think this would be convenient instead of having to type usernames all the time.

2) make viewing the last comment/reply in our Communications page possible. for example, have a button we click "View previous comment" on every reply we receive that shows our last post, so we can view them without having to open a new page.

bug: probably already reported, but the Insert Horizontal Line is kinda glitchy and doesn't stay visible in the text editor.


maybe somethign that will unlock athread... i cant seem to unlock one when i hit it on accident......


Locking this thread as we have a new one!