[READ] Todo List

Posted 4 years, 2 months ago (Edited 1 year, 5 months ago) by lulu

on the todo list in very rough order of priority:

  • Authorization levels - kinda done, but still looking for ways to improve
  • Worlds Overhaul.
  • View Previous Posts / Subscribed Threads / Created Threads
    • Actually probably just a General Forums overhall...
    • Allowing users to delete their own threads.
    • Showing when posts have been edited (+ possible for mods to see original post?)
  • Folder icons and blurbs
  • Species creation
  • Literature submissions/pages for characters
    • Changable privacy levels for the pages possibly
    • "AU" pages
  • Clean up mass image/character management
  • QoL fixes
    • Mass deletion, links to individual edit panels
    • "Next" button when browsing through character pages.
    • "Are You Sure You Want to Delete" pop-up when hitting delete for posts/comments/everything
  • Deleting comments probably needs a confirmation panel...
  • Site search
    • Character search by tag or unverified URL
    • Image search by URL might be useful too, hm
  • Fix thread notifications links to take you to the latest page... Actually I should have it take you directly to the post, I was too lazy when coding this and it's gonna be a pain in the ass to change now
    • Same with thread links on the forum's front page
  • Random character/user link (only for listed and public characters & users)
  • User autocompletion
  • Tag blocking
  • Layout fixing like just in general going around and fixing forms and also checking to see that everything wraps correctly
  • Liking or favving forum posts
  • World tags maybe
    • World galleries
  • Popular world listing on the front page thinks about it... Maybe worlds that've added a lot of members in the past few days? hm...
  • Have a look at a chat... I don't think cloudflare works with websockets so I'll need to have a think about it rubs chin I don't really like the idea of an AJAX chat
  • Image thumbnail / character avatar cropping tool
    • This is half done but I realised it was taking way too long so I've shelved it for later...
  • Drag & drop uploading
  • Bulk image/characters upload
  • Tagging images with multiple characters
    • stares into the distance i'm not looking forward to this
  • Image tagging and specialised/tagged galleries, embedded galleries for character pages
    • stares further into the distance... also not... looking forward to this...
  • Dice rollers on the forums
  • Downloading threads as a PDF/etc... / downloading character profiles?
  • Custom Post Formatting
  • Delete images from image manager
  • Character link sorting/deleting
    • Editable icons seperate from the character icons?
  • More user options including # of charas displayed on a page.

Feature fixes / comments

  • Watermarked thumbnails needs to be looked at, I'm not really happy with it atm.. 
  • Commission a logo artist for a clean logo 
  • I should just outsource the front end to a proper front end developer
  • Fix how images teleport when you try to drag one that's at the end of the row

Features I'm thinking about and welcome suggestions for:

  • Anonymous comments (if I do throw this in you're still certainly going to have to be logged in so the recipient can report malicious content if necessary)
  • Allowing for fandom/canon characters 
  • World chats - just mulling it over right now...

but there's no "page 2" on profile comments and older ones get pushed off into the abyss forever– NVM IM POO

also tiny petty suggestion... but would be nice to be able to reorder fields (ie dragging) bUT I FEEL LIKE ITS NOT RLY A BIG THING its already v nice


MNYN if you clcik the "Comments" link on the sidebar you can see all your comments! the front page is just the recent ones 




MNYN LMFAOGNADO NO ITS OKAY ITS EASY TO MISS!! I'm happy to help where I can! ´ ▽ ` )ノ


sonyaism Never done anything like this before but it sounds like a very fun feature, I'll be working on it this morning and should hopefully figure something out soon o/ Thanks for the suggestion!

damien I've added an option in character create/edit to mark your characters as Unlisted, this will hide them from the front page - thank you very much for the suggestion!!

MNYN FIELDS ARE ACTUALLY DRAGGABLE there's just no handle so it's like impossible to tell (you can grab the space between the two boxes to drag them)... i'll add in an icon to the left of the boxes so it's more obvious goes to do that now...


 Damian omg i screwed the ping up sweats


lulu OH MY GOD IM THE BIGGEST TURD X2 clogs while trying to flush myself
i kept trying to drag it from the left cuz i am big dumb and was afraid to be near the x and didn't think about the middle existing
THANK U SO MUCH LULU............................. HUGE SEMPAI.........


lulu haha it's fine! Will this feature be available in character manager soon as well?


Damian Oh sorry, that completely slipped my mind - it's been added, thank you for reminding me!

The character manager's getting a little cluttered now, should look at cleaning it up soon...


just.. giving my two cents, i don't like the watermarked thumbnails, i use hover zoom and it glitches it up occasionally and loads oddly when the thumbnail has a watermark but the full image can be viewed regularly bc I'm authorized. It's weird, I don't enjoy it. 


lulu - thanks for the consideration. I really like having the zoom in face shot of my characters so people can see better for my character.

Also, awhile back, the gif images that were animated would still move when in thumbnail form. Was something done to that which it stopped? Unless my browser is being a butt. 


sonyaism Currently, images which are smaller than 200x200 aren't touched when they're thumbnailed, so they'll retain the animation! If it's a larger image and needs to be shrunk, it'll lose the animation. This might change in the future if I choose to take out animation for all thumbnails (since they can get kinda large) but I don't have any plans to do so at the moment.


lulu - Hmmm... I have Gummii and Nerolii up here on the front page with 200x200px animated icons I commissioned. They aren't blinking (no matter how long I wait) when they are like that for avatars. They are exactly 200x200 I checked. This probably sounds dumb to ask about as an issue. Can you see them blinking as avatars? I did use Mintea's 150x150 avatar and it worked before.



sonyaism oh!! it was only going up to 199x199, it should be fixed now but you'll have to reupload the images - sorry about the hassle and thank you for the report!


lulu - oooh! Thank you. It is working now. *A* 

*stares at her blinky bbys* Hehe. >w<