Yum Or Yuck {Oc Game}

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{OC} Yum or Yuck

(if this is not allowed delete it ;.;

Hey there, i thought it may be time to add another game!

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This game is simple, here is an example!

(Oc 1) Strawberry ice cream?

(Oc 2) Yum
          Grape soda?

You get the idea ^-=-^

As for rules
You must reply ic.
No replying to your own oc unless its been 24 hours without a reply.
Try to post new items.
You may say why the item is yuck or yum. Keep it short.
You may explain that you would only eat it a certain way. ( in soup or on a salad for examples.)

Lets get started shall we?

 Kiev Forever_Flightless

"I don't believe adults should bother with candy. Especially not sour candy...or gummy anything."

"You haven't lived unless you've had the whole steamed flounder from Blue Ribbon Brasserie in New York. If you've had it somewhere else, I suppose that'll do too."

Tulippa Isoprene

A-Ah, well... I, um... I can't say I'm very comfortable with the thought of eating fish...

So, then...! How about some nice, healthy grapefruits?

Penta reinapepiada

Yum, but they bad for you medicated folks out there. ... Why do I know that?

Let's see... What about guaraná? A tasty, energizing drink. Could go for some... What? You think I can't drink just because I don't have internal organs? That's rude.

Topaz ethanol

Oh...I'm sure it's f-f-fine...but I can't d-drink it.  I'd get t-too...um...hyperactive...

W-what about...ch-ch-chorizos?  T-they're like...a really spicy sausage...

Patrick Jutta

"Holy SH*T yes ! I love it especially in the morning, with eggs!"

"hmm, what do you think of venison jerky? I end up having to eat a lot of it when I travel, but it's pretty good I'd say!"


"I absolutely love tea, it's rather pleasing. You have good taste."

"How about flan?"


"Yum! Not that it matters that much. Everything is delicious to me."

"Lamb and rice, anyone?"

Yuko Jahani WorldOfYentri

"Yum! It is one of my favorite dishes growing up!

Sushi: Yum or er, y-yuck? (Did I say that right)"


"T-Totally yum! It's the best!

Mochi daifuku; yum or yuck?"

#1: Mant Neptune MoonGeister

"Eh,it depends on the flavor, but I guess more yum.

Fried Ice Cream: Yum or Yuck?"

Aarush goldenDiscord

"I have never tried it but I imagine it to be very delicious!"

How about Curry? Yum or Yuck?

Izoku ethanol

It really depends on the curry.  I like mild ones, but I don't really like anything too spicy.

How about bacon?

Sunkiss f1owercrown

The Chimeco slowly rings his bell as his head shakes an understandable 'no'.
("Yuck! Bacon is too oily and weird to hold because, well, it's oily. I would rather have pancakes for breakfast, thank you.
How about chocolate-dripped strawberries? I'm craving for a bite right now!")

Conner and Twist Jutta

"Ew, too sweet. A strawberry is already a little sweet for my taste, why make it sweeter?"

"How do you feel about crawdads?"