Draw a character from the person above you! (UPDAT

Posted 3 years, 5 months ago (Edited 2 years, 1 month ago) by firanzia-vice

I hadn't seen one of these yet, so I figured I would make one, since they are really fun and seem super appropriate for this place!


The game here is super simple! All you have to do it post, and then look at the characters of the person above you and draw one of them! Art of all styles is welcome! Traditional, digital, amazing, average, cute sketches, super high quality, whatever! Just remember the 3 most important rules!

UPDATE! I've added 2 new rules to help make things here a bit better, thanks to a few concerns that were brought to my attention!

UPDATE 2! A few more things have been brought to my attention, so new rules! Thanks to the people who brought these up!

1. Don't skip a person! This means you MUST post your art as an edit to your claim post! You can also PM it to the person to make sure they get it. (making a new post for art just messes up the order!)

2. Have fun drawing!

3. Rember to thank the person who draws you! (by comment or PM is more than fine, since a post means you have to draw someone.

4. After you post, wait until AT LEAST 3 other people post before jumping in again! (it was brought to my attention that some people are posting for like, every other post, and that simply isn't fair!)

5. While not a true rule, don't rush on your art please! There are some AMAZING artists who visit these places, so make sure to put your best effort into what you give!

6. Please make sure you have more than one public character! Past of the fun of this is looking through someones characters and finding one you really like and want to draw, so having only one public is a bit unfair. 

7. Similar to the above rule, please allow people to see more than just thumbnails! Drawing from a thumbnail is very hard!

8. Please try to limit yourself on claims, you know, perhaps only 3-4 at a time~ 


Thank you everyone for helping keep this thread so active and wonderful still!



Simple, right?


Well, since there is no one above me, I will draw someone from the first person who posts here!


For @Luraiku !






(I always love these kinds of threads, it's a quick and stress-free way for me to choose other people's characters to draw.)


(Click-through for the larger version! I also made a transparent version here.)
Sorry for the odd shading for this one, I used this as an opportunity to test out new brush settings! It's been ages since I drew anything remotely mecha. I really love these kinds of designs though it seems I forgot how to draw more geometric forms. I enjoyed drawing Finn!



 pax I drew a mecha too :P Sorta.

Went for a shitty Game CG kind-of look there. I don't know why. I need to draw faces at funny angles more.


I'll be drawing for deviantArt !
I'll edit the comment + PM when I'm done! Full res was sent via PM.

Bianco !



please click on pic to get to full-size.




z3lsheep accidentally made the image big :0


@Luraiku thanks!
Also, I took some liberties, hope it's ok :"D

apologies if it happens to be ooc tho m(_ _)m


This little one is a major cutie. v o v


it's pearl!!!! Nico


jinkisaragi editing with it in a sec

http://sta.sh/016goc47sjsn ye B)


5inthemorning click on pic for larger image

thank you ^^


stealin thhe spot hehe (also 5inthemorning SO CUTE TY)

xerneas  SORRY FOR SLOW i drew ur mer child... i keep drawing the fish people


jinkisaragi look. its the anime girl