Freebie Bin Discussion Board!

Posted 3 years, 11 months ago (Edited 2 years, 10 months ago) by Twosecondslighter

A thread to discuss anything related to the Freebie Bin, where Toyhouse users can give characters they no longer feel that spark towards to new homes!

The Bin has gotten such a good reception and several regular users, and I'm super thankful it's turned out this well! Thank you to everyone who's contributed their characters, and to the people that take these characters in!

What this board is for!

-Posting your questions, comments, and concerns about the Bin!
-Discussion of possible rules and general alterations of the main Bin.

-Sharing your freebies! If you've had a good experience with anything you've gotten this is a great place to share it!
-Getting to know some of your other Bin users.
-Anything else at all directly related to the Bin!

What it isn't for!

-Posting your freebies- that's what the bin is for!
-Addressing personal concerns with a specific user or characters.
     If the issue is severe enough, please contact me directly or go to the TH staff.


Currently on the menu:

1) Attitudes about frequent fliers seem to have cooled somewhat, with all the discussion that's been had. I've added Fehnryr's form to the Bin as a reminder to givers that they're allowed to give in their way. If the limits of the givers aren't enough, and you feel a particular user is taking too many, just PM me. If several users report in this manner, the person taking freebies will be notified about it. We don't need a punishment of any kind so far- as we've said again and again, we're all very well behaved. If this problem becomes reported to a predetermined number, the limit will be imposed and enforced.

2) ✺~We're having an Event!~✺

I'm going to be taking submissions for the names of our mascot and their companion! I'll accept them through either PMs or comments in this thread, and post the submissions I've received on the 30th in the form of a poll! This poll will be slightly different from the others in that you'll be able to vote for several names at once, so nobody has to feel pressured to choose between their favorites- I just ask that you don't vote for everything!

Derogatory names will not be accepted (I'll be using a translator just to be sure!).
Neither will entire celebrity/popular media character names in their entirety. (ex., 'Johnny Depp', 'Ash Ketchum', or even 'Jotaro Kujo' would not be accepted. However, something like 'Johnny Ketchum', while silly, would pass onto the list!)


Other than that, please feel free to submit anything!


So with everyone concern's I thought of a possible rule:

If a generous person offers more than one character for free in the freebie bin. You can only adopt 1 character or design from that person once every hour and/or until someone else offers to adopt a character from the generous user. However, if the group of freebies are still available with 24 hours (enough time for everyone to see the freebie post), any users will be free to take any and whatever they would like.


First of all, thank you for making this board! It does help to lessen the ping spam I get on busy days. xD

I think A) is the most manageable solution. Although B) does bring up a point about if someone was to claim a lot in a certain time frame compared to others eg. one per day rule but that's possibly seven already in a single week. Would that still be considered fair? I mean, they could claim seven more the next week. I'm not sure of the average freeb post though.

I don't know. I'm not really sure on the topic as a whole since I rarely claim and don't really have any hurt feelings towards this. If anything, I just feel unlucky in my timezone. Most freebies are posted when I am asleep. :(


I find it very hard to find a view on this topic as I know I am one of the users that adopts too much and I feel quite guilty about that. At the same time as feeling that some people are being a bit butt hurt over missing out I also see that some are making a legitimate point. I was just contacted by a user asking to return to them a character they gave me so that they could give it to someone else who hasn't gotten as many and I can't help but be pretty sad about that because I really do love that character and so I don't particularly want to return it but I understand where they are coming from. Those of us who have adopted a lot I feel are sort of being looked badly at though because of this so it does sadden me a bit. I posted a thread mentioning how I probably have too many characters at one point and got positive feedback saying as long as I loved these characters then I really couldn't have too many so I felt it was ok but now I see people saying it's not ok to have a lot of characters because it's depriving everyone else of them if I adopt them so I'm quite torn right now and I'm not sure how to respond to this topic except with guilt. Perhaps Though there could be a limit but people who give freebies themselves could have a higher set limit for a set amount of time every time they put up a certain number of freebies. I've seen stuff like this with people having pet adoption centers on chicken smoothie and it seems to work pretty well...


*sigh* I sent the character back to the user as there's nothing I can do so yeah tbh I really wish this topic hadn't been brought up... It's just hurtful to those of us who have adopted a lot. I understand where other people are coming from but now I feel like and outlaw



It saddens me to hear that you feel that you are being looked upon badly and I can understand what you're saying as I also have a lot of characters in general. I would also just like to say I think it is very genuine of you to be upfront about your thoughts and feelings under the circumstances. So cheer up! These things happen. Hopefully, we can come to a solution that makes everyone happy. 


I think what makes this topic tricky is how 'The Freebie Bin' right now generally runs (with some exceptions) on a 'first come first serve' basis. I think that is the main reason why I am not butthurt as I understood if I was too late, I was too late. However, of course, everyone wants a chance to get a cool character for free, right? I honestly wouldn't complain if my chances at getting a free character I liked were to improve despite my unlucky timezone. 



I think what we're trying to do is trying to make it more fair. I remember when not to longer ago, someone released an entire stash folder that had some really good designs in it. People were flooding with requests to take them (I even one of them). There was one design that caught my attention and I became really interested. I was super bummed when I was looking at the posts where people were wanting like 5 designs from the postings. Some people even requested one and then like 5 minutes later, they requested like 2 more. It was like 20 designs were all taken with 10 minutes of the postings by like 3-5 different people. I'm not bashing anyone, but it would've been nice to see 20 adopts get adopted by like 10-15 people instead of 3-5. 

Perhaps there should be like entries now, or people have to create a well-developed background for free adopts?


@pocketcarnivore yeah I feel some people were being a bit unfair blaming people for taking characters because they were too late, there are many people who adopt more characters than even I do and I miss out on em all the time so and I just live with it so I don't know exactly what to think right now. And yeah since most are first come first serve it is kind of hard. I think I've only adopted 4 characters from the bin in the past few weeks ((now 3)) so it's also a but hurtful to still be seen as someone who adopts too much because I thought I was doing better at limiting myself so I feel like my efforts were for nothing. Part of what makes it so upsetting is the people who brought it up seemed a bit hostile about it and they were sort of blaming others which makes it kinda hurtful.


Venice yeah I don't really like when people adopt half the stash folder, I try to usually limit myself to 1 or 2 when adopting from posts on the freebie bin if there isn't a limit set by the user. I find it more frustrating when people adopt a bunch from one user than when they adopt a bunch from different users.



As much as I like writing a good ol' background story, I don't think it would be fair considering some people who adopt aren't really into writing. There are characters of mine that I cherish still who don't have background info but are more art focused. We'd also need a way to manage all the entries or we'd be flooded with pings! It would also take up more time for the adopt to reach an eventual owner which is fine for some people but for others, it might be a hassle to invest time in an adopt they may or may not receive. In general, if we do an entry-based system (as a standard rule) the Freebie Bin would be dramatically changed.

But I understand what you're saying. I think I was included in the 'group who missed out' in that scenario. I also thought it would have been better if it was 1 adopt per person.  


I've never posted in the freebie bin or gotten a freebie from there, but I do lurk the thread so I hope it's ok to speak here.
I'd personally really appreciate option A, or something similar to it, being implimented..  or even having some sort of enforced time gap between an adopt being posted and it being taken, so people would have time to see it and think about it before someone with a quick trigger finger snaps it up on a whim.

At the end of the day these are adopts that are being very kindly offered up for free, so it does feel a little bit like that generosity is being abused when a handful of people hoard them all. Though I'm sure that's not the intent of those people at all, it's exciting to see new characters and designs and be able to snap them up and be able to play around with them so I totally get why some people maybe get a little addicted to it.


I think option A is the best out of the ones listed so far, since it really forces people to slow down and consider whether they would REALLY have a good use for the character instead of impulse-claiming 5 characters at once haha

Venice I don't really like the idea of creating a well-developed background, because I tend to take a long time developing characters and writing out a story that's up to my standards orz


@PocketCarnivore You do have a point there.


I am more for some time limit and stuff. 


As someone who frequently lurks and occasionally posts/claims from the Bin, I have to say I've only ever been frustrated on losing out when, like a a few above have mentioned, someone posts a Stash and no limit, and then people proceed to ask for more than 1-2 characters. A limit of some kind would be nice, but in the end, isn't it really the posting users who have the final say? They are the ones who are trying to re-home these characters, after all.

However, I also don't think the hostility shown by certain users towards these perceived "people who adopt too many characters" isn't cool either. It's one thing to be frustrated, and to ask politely if some kind of limit could be imposed, but it's another thing to throw a fit and name people in the manner that some have been. I haven't looked at the first post in a while, but I think if we're considering enforcing a limit rule, we should consider enforcing a politeness rule.


I also want to mention that I don't mind people adopting a ton of freebies! I'm pretty fine with it, except I see a lot of my freebies are sent into trade folders. I know once they're gone, they're gone, but I had a person who adopted almost ten of my freebies and they only use one or two of them. Trading them away! I think that's my only real issue. Just wanted to mention that's a problem, but it's sort of a personal issue and I'll have to take it up with the individuals in question.