I Want to See a Character Who... (Updated 3/28)

Posted 5 years, 5 months ago (Edited 6 months, 22 days ago) by Isoprene

Check out the details on the latest rules update here, updated 3/28!

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Welcome to the hottest new forum game on the block, my buddy chum pals!! How does it work? Simple! Someone posts asking to see a certain kind of character, and the next poster posts IC with/links to a character of theirs who fits that description! So, for example:

User A: I want to see a character who has black hair!
User B: My OC, Dicro, has black hair! Isn't it fluffy? Don't you just want to ruffle it? Okay, I want to see a character who made a deal with the devil!
User C: Lysis did that once. It was a terrible idea. I want to see a character who's a baker!

Need more examples? No problem! Here's some examples of good and bad questions! Essentially, try not to get so specific or tricky that it's unlikely anyone will have an applicable story - you're not trying to stump people, you're trying to see cool OCs!:

✔️ I want to see a character with heterochromia!  /  with a blue and yellow color scheme!  /  with a fancy hat!  /  with a ponytail!
❌ ...with one red eye and one blue eye!  /  who has yellow hair and blue skin!  /  who always wears a fez!  /  who has a big pink ponytail bigger than they are!

✔️ I want to see a character who's a mermaid!  /  a feral character!  /  is a taur of some kind!  /  is from a(n open/closed) species!
❌ ...who's a goldfish-based mermaid!  /  a Mustela erminea character!  /  an onager taur!  /  is a (insert specific open/closed species here)!

✔️ I want to see a character who's snarky!  /  who likes puns!  /  who never gives up!  /  who's quick to fight!
❌ ...who literally only speaks to be snarky!  /  who always makes puns about weather!  /  who's so stubborn that they've died and don't even know it!  /  greets others by drop-kicking them!

✔️ I want to see a character who controls fire!  /  with super strength!  /  who can fly!  /  who used to have powers but no longer does!
❌ ...who can control candlelight but that's it!  /  who gets their strength from artichokes!  /  who can shapeshift into a fly and ONLY a fly!  /  who lost their powers in a wacky boating accident!

✔️ I want to see a character who's in love with another user's OC!  /  with a tight-knit family!  /  who has a rival!
❌ ...who's in love with one of my OCs!  /  with a family where the cousins are all close but the grandkids hate each other!  /  who has a skateboarding rival!

✔️ I want to see a character who's been abducted before!  /  whose past involved illness!  /  who's died at least once!
❌  ...who was abducted by aliens from Neptune!  /  who had (really specific illness goes here)  /  who's been killed by a devious kitten before!

✔️ I want to see a character from the future!  /  who lives on an island!  /  who's involved with the mafia!  /  who was transported to another world!
❌  ...from the year 2046!  /  who lives on an island that no longer exists!  /  who watched The Godfather like twice!  /  who was transported from Earth to Mercury!

✔️ I want to see a character who doesn't have a name yet!  /  who has over 20 images!  /  with a lot of links!  /  who doesn't have any favs yet!
❌  ...whose name starts with F and ends with W!   /  who has over 200 images!  /  who has 38 links!  /  who has over 100 favs!

Now, some people do have characters like this, and many of these "bad" requests are cool concepts! But they're kinda specific. If you have questions on whether your question is too specific/difficult or not, feel free to send me a PM and I'll let you know!

If you're worried, you can include a 6-hour conditional so that you can post your request without holding the thread up for too long if it ends up being too obscure! For example:

  • I want to see an (insert series here) fan character! If 6 hours pass, any fan character is fine!
  • I want to see a rabbit kemonomimi! If 6 hours pass, any kemonomimi is fine!
  • I want to see a character with long white hair! If 6 hours pass, any character with white hair is fine!
  • I want to see a (specific open or closed species)! If 6 hours pass, any character from a(n open/closed) species is fine!

In fact, some of those "bad" requests above would be acceptable as long as a 6-hour conditional was included! It's a useful tool, so if you're even a little unsure about your request it's a good thing to include!

You can make your conditional shorter if you'd like, but not longer; if you say someone say something along the lines of "if 12 hours pass, then x works" then disregard that and apply that conditional at 6 hours as per the rules. Remember: the rules of the thread overrule a participant's post! If they get upset about it, it's on them for not having read/followed the rules.

If this thread goes on without any posts for 12 hours, anyone can go ahead and move the thread along with an entirely new request!


  • Please don't issue a new request before the last post's timestamp has reached 12 hours, even if it's at 11 hours and 30 minutes! Same thing with the 6-hour conditionals!

  • Don't skip over people! If you do on accident, make your request that of the person you skipped so they can still get their answer! If you notice someone has been skipped but there have been several posts since then, consider bringing back their request out of respect!

  • After posting, in the interest of fairness, please wait until three people have posted before posting again! Unless the 12-hour limit passes, of course, then it's anyone's game!

  • If someone has claimed but hasn't edited their post with a request after 30 minutes, they can be skipped over. The previously-issued request will remain valid until the required 12 hours have passed, or until the claimer has edited their post fulfilling their claim and issuing a new request.

  • If someone has neglected to add a request to their post, consider PMing them or pinging them to alert them to the need to add on a request! Otherwise, if they haven't edited in a request within 30 minutes their post can be disregarded as above.

  • Make sure you're actually answering the person's request! If your character only KINDA fits and you know it, don't post with them or wait for the time limit to pass! This thread moves quickly - you'll get your chance eventually!

  • Don't ask for NSFW content, like sexual requests or requests that are gory/especially violent in nature. It's okay for your answer to be a character whose profile has 18+ content as long as they have the proper content warnings applied, but don't ask for these things! You can find a NSFW version of this thread here!

  • UPDATED 3/28/21: Don't ask to see a character who's a pedophile, a homophobe, etc. Like above it's okay if the character responded with has said traits - stories have villains, after all - but it's kinda weird and uncomfortable for everyone to have someone specifically ask to have that sort of character shown off, y'know? Likewise, don't use slurs (including ableist language like asking to see a "crazy" character, "psycho", etc.) and fetishizing terms (like shota/loli, trap, etc.) when asking for a character. Just don't do it!!!!!

  • Don't ask for something that's already been asked for on the same page! This helps keep up the thread's variety and avoids scenarios where a certain request becomes so common that people start running out of characters to respond to it with/have to just keep repeating that character to keep the thread moving!

  • Don't repeat your previous request within a 24-hour period, and try to avoid immediate repetition in general! Again, this helps keep the thread varied and avoids the issue of users running out of ways to respond to a prompt beyond repetition. If you're interested in a certain kind of OC, try adding a spin on your prompt! Ask for a feral cat one time, an anthro cat the next, a character with cat ears next, a character who has a pet cat next, a character who acts very catlike the next, etc.! Don't forget to make use of 6-hour conditionals as well; adding an "after 6 hours, any character associated with cats is fine" frees up users to post with any of those things listed!

  • NEW 3/28/21: Avoid asking for anything involving specific bases or creators. These can be difficult to fulfill, and it's hard to spin an accessible 6-hour conditional off of them unless you're doing something completely unrelated. Even if you did think of one, I think a request like that would be the sort of thing guaranteed to have to wait for the 6-hour conditional anyhow. Open/closed species I'm a little more lenient since those can involve guest creators and MYOs and the like, but...

  • NEW 3/28/21: Requests asking for a specific open/closed species are only acceptable if they come with a sufficiently generic 6-hour conditional! For instance, asking for (specific open species) is fine if the 6-hour conditional is "any open species in general". You could also, for instance, ask for (anthro closed species) and have the 6-hour conditional be "any anthro character". Try not to be any more specific than this with your 6-hour conditionals!

If you see someone violating the rules or frequently issuing requests that seem designed to trip the thread up, contact me so I can send them a warning and/or update the rules if necessary! If they continue to violate the rules, I'll block them so they can't access the thread. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to PM me or leave a comment on my profile!

Alright, now let's get this thing started!

I want to see a character who has horns!

Sadao KnightOfSpring

Sadao is huge, broat and wears a mask. Doesn't hel that he rarely talks and jsut seems to stare at you. Is actually a real soft marshmallow though.

I'd like to see a character who's a being from another plane/universe/alternate reality.

Luciel Jolsma

Luciel comes from an alternative universe ! He always says it was for follow his Friends but it was in reality for run away of His family UvU .


I want to see a character who has a complicated love story wity their lover !



Hey everyone, it's your pal Iso here!! I've been getting a lot of messages about things recently (like three from unique people just within the past however long I was suffering away in Fire Emblem Heroes oops,) so I'd like to mention some things!

  1. If you have an issue, PM me or the person who's causing an issue! Try to avoid having a lot of commentary in this thread that's not actually the game at hand. Comments in parentheses about announcements or questions as to what a request means are fine, though try to include in your post what the last request was for visibility if you can!

  2. Be careful with your requests! This thread is about trying to find different kinds of OCs, but remember that there's a rule against making requests that are too specific! Try to keep things plausible. At the same time, though, remember the purpose of this thread! When I started this thread, I always envisioned it being one that'd probably get held up a lot as people get creative. There's a line between "creative request about something you'd like to see" and "something that pretty much no one is ever gonna have," of course, but it's okay if the thread gets held up now and then! It gives everyone the chance to check out all of the neat characters that are being shown off! If I feel a request is wayyyyy too specific I'll make a post saying as such myself and give the requester the chance to make a new one, but there've really only been a handful times when I would've thought that was necessary.

  3. The time to issue a new request has been reduced to 12 hours! I've always hesitated to deal with issues related to requests being too specific that come up every now and then because I usually want to see characters that fit those requests, too! But I understand that a lot of people really dig this game (and I'm super happy about that, thank you everyone for enjoying it!) and 24 hours is a pretty long time. I reduced things to 24 hours initially to keep in mind timezones - with an entire day that means everyone gets a chance to see the latest request and see if their OC matches it - but so many complaints I've received throughout the thread's existence have been about time that I figure it's time for another cut. Hopefully with less time to wait people will be able to enjoy the thread more and those who make creative requests won't have to feel as wary about holding up the thread!

  4. If your request is kinda specific, add an alternative! This is something difficult to moderate, so it kind of works on the honor system and should be implemented at the discretion of the requester. If you feel like your request is kinda borderline, just add a request that will go into place after 9 hours! Long enough to allow the initial request to be seen, hopefully, but short enough that it'll be before the request's deadline. For example, you could say "I want to see a character who's based off of a great white shark! If there aren't any after 9 hours, any kind of shark is fine!" Here's another example:

    ---  Against the rules:  I want to see a character who's based off of Xi Andromedae!  ---  (Whoa! Just because I do doesn't mean anyone else does! This is a request very, VERY unlikely to be answered. Do note the inclusion of an explanatory link, though; include those where you can if you think your request is kind of specific!)

    ---  Not against the rules:  I want to see a character who's based off of/inspired by a specific star or constellation!  ---  (Still a bit on the obscure, but way more plausible. Lots of people are into zodiac and astronomy themes, so it's not out of the question that you'd see a character based off of either of those two things. I wouldn't punish you for not having an easier alternative to this request, but I'd still highly recommend including one!)

    ---  Alternative:  If there aren't any responses in 8 hours, then a character who's just based off of stars in general is fine!  ---  (There are loads of characters with star motifs and cosmic themes, so this is an easy request to fulfill should no one be able to answer your initial request!)

    Use common sense when thinking about whether something is too specific or not. The great white shark example is fine with an alternative or maybe even alone because great white sharks are the most famous variety of shark and people tend to base shark characters on them without even intending to. Xi Andromedae, on the other hand? It's not all that common for OCs to be based off of specific existing stars, much less that arbitrary one. If you have doubts about whether your request is going to break the rules, just include an alternative and you'll be good! Try not to explicitly push the boundary just to spite the thread, though.

  5. Never skip over a request! This is something that's happened waaaay too often and I've let it slide too many times. If it's something that's against the rules, then as I said earlier I'll make a post about it. Otherwise, please read the request carefully and make sure you understand what the requester is asking before you make a claim - ask if you're not sure! Do not issue a new request before the time limit is up under any circumstances, even if the time limit is only an hour away! That's all the more reason to wait, really! Don't skip over requests because you feel they're too specific, because they're repeating a request they made earlier, because you just don't like them, because you have them blocked and don't feel like opening their post, because you're getting impatient and you have an OC you kinda sorta vaguely has a tenuous connection to the request, etc. Please be respectful to others!

Nothing in this announcement is intended to be targeted at any one specific user or users, these are just general issues that have come up several times from several different people throughout the thread's life, and it seems very rare that anyone's trying to cause issues intentionally! It's just time to address some things and make some new rules so the thread can proceed smoothly and everyone can have fun looking for cool OC concepts!

Some other things I'm considering for now, feel free to PM me with any suggestions you have or any issues you feel these rules + the above ones cause!:

  1. Putting a restriction on how soon you can post again, AKA avoiding situations where one person posts a requests, someone else responds, and the first person immediately claims again. Not sure if this should be a post limit or a time limit, but I'm leaning toward time. Likely somewhere between 3-6 hours??

  2. Seeing if I can find a mod somewhere around these parts who I could talk to about temporarily locking the thread to do a renovation of the first post and the rules in general to ensure the thread stops long enough for everyone to read up. Or, maybe more likely, just straight-up locking this thread so I can make a new one (maybe with an alt account so I can ban any persistent rulebreakers without unwittingly banning them from the 10,000 other threads I've made?? I already have like two though...) Would probably be a couple weeks before I did any of those things, though.

  3. Changing around the alternative time limit from 9 hours to something else, be it shorter or longer. I hesitate to go longer because then it's kinda redundant, but going any shorter really locks out people who could've satisfied the initial request and were just asleep, at school/work, etc. at the time.

This post will be reposted on each page (that I'm online to get to in time, that is) for the next several days to make sure everyone who uses this thread will be able to see it!

Vardah Lasout Lonestarcelt

Love story with her girlfriend spans almost a decade if that counts

I wanna see an albino character with red eyes

Eve aska-ray

She's albino SHINY...yeaaaah

I'd like to see a protagonist~!

Damon Toon-Killer

The male protagonist fufufufu

I wanna see a protagonist whose parents are alive and together. 'Cause too many protagonist have lost at least one parent.


Her parents are together and happy, they've been childhood sweethearts since high school!

I want to see a character with a heart in their design! <3

RAW reinapepiada

RAW has one heart on their cheek!

I want to see a tall elegant nonbinary character!

Remaelius Opal Isoprene

Remaelius fits the heck out of that bill!

I want to see a character whose specialty in battle is inflicting ailments! (like poison, sleep, paralysis, etc.)

Compass Rose oneironym

oops, sorry. Rose has horns!

I want to see an alien character who makes a hobby of watching Earth scifi. Bonus points if that character makes research of it XD


EDIT: Whoops missed the word alien in there I'm dumb SKIP ME

Kanon Jdphobe

She's not really a weeb, considering she literally is Japanese, but Kanon's still wearing her school sweater despite not having gone to school for such a long time (She's been hospitalized)

I'd like to see a character who's wlw!

Shizuki Kishi Lonestarcelt

Shizuki fits that role about as well as she fits in her girlfriend's arms.

I wanna see a character who is a mlm