Date, Befriend, and Avoid!(GAME)

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**This is in character game! Please be in character to play! ;w;**

It's like Marry, F, and Kill but that seems a bit extreme and I feel that last two words might can upset someone! So my verison for it is;


Date, Befriend, and Avoid!!!

Basically you can be in character and choose which characters your character would like to date, befriend and avoid!

Date; basically what it means, your character would date a character of their choosing.

Befriend; be friends with a character of their choosing.

Avoid; A character they would prefer to avoid.


Let me start this off; , , and !


For extra fun, you could inculde a tidbit or something! ;w; I hope this takes off~

 Cantarella hinatot

Date: "If I had to choose, Ezra. Beliving they're meant to be and trying to become an all-powerful being- I can respect that. And I'd like in."
Befriend: "Veengance oooh I want to wreck people with it."
Avoid: "Innit. Ugh, boring, humans are so dull."

Alm, CantarellaRachel


date: alfie
befriend: kyoya & karen
avoid: tallulah

apollo, lorelei, and dani

 Perselia Papes

Date: "Definitely Lorelei, I mean.... how can I not............. she's so pretty, and listen I'm gay okay," rest in pieces cotton candy fish

Befriend: "Dani!!! Oh my god she'd be so fun to go on adventures with"

Avoid: "Sorry Apollo, my chum buddy pal. Nothing against you. Eeeeeeeh, okay fine your job might be a little concerning to me. Nice rain ability, though. I appreciate that."

Missingno, Yvalhaell, and Olivrei

Tsuki Matsudo bulgariansumo

you-are-butt Papes Oh gosh, I completely did this wrong....Sorry!

Date: "Yvallhaell seems like such a darling caught in a series of unfortunate circumstances. Though he's somewhat older than me, I'd try to take care of him at the very least."

Befriend: "Missingno seems like he went through a lot, poor thing."

Avoid: "Olivrei reminds me of someone I know..."

Leon, EmilTsuki



Date: "Emil is just a total cutie, oh boy!"
Befriend: "I feel like Tsuki and I would get along just fine, both of us try to be all tough around other people. Toughness overload."
Avoid: "It's nothing personal, Leon, really! I'm sorry! ;u;"

EthanCaro and Kari

Diego Willman MathewMii

Edit: Forgot the rules.  Fixing up now.

Date: Ethan.  He's the only male choice.  I wonder what he is like?
Befriend: Kari.  She could use someone that will protect her.
Avoid: Caro.  She just needs some space: That's all.

TNP: Dave, Luciano, and Diego.

Abby Bobbha Cosmind

Date: Dave "Well isn't he a good boy? Could use some manscaping but a good boy nonetheless ehehe"
Befriend: Luciano "Dramatic people are quite entertaining I will admit."
Avoid: Diego. "Not only do I cannot stand thieves, I dont want nobody stuffing their nose up my business!"

Character to Pick: Cessnor, NicolaiCooper

Florence Luff Animaloftheelements

Date: Cessnor "he's adorable, though a shame all the good stuff was removed... I'm sure I can still find some use for him"

Befriend: Cooper "I would have dated him if it wasn't for the... Parasite, I believe it was? Might be a little too risky"

Avoid: Nicolai "No hard feelings right? I mean, still cute but as a curse remover he sort of... unnerves me, so to say,"

Florence, DaiaCirrina

Aranaea Bishopi Isoprene
  • Date: Florence seems like an absolutely wonderful time, I have to say!
  • Befriend: Can't claim to know much about Cirrina, but I like that look on her face! Just dripping with mischief and wild ventures!
  • Avoid: Daia seems a bit harsh... nothing against her, of course, but I'm not so sure we'd get on well!

Next up: Hattie, Istra, and Tulippa!

 Monue Monue

Date: Tulippa! She's too cute, and seems so nice. <3

Befriend: Istra! I'd have a lot of questions, and would really like to get to know them better. Over time I think it could be a mutually interesting friendship!

Avoid: Hattie! Nothing personal, she seems alright, just not my cup of tea. D: <3


How abouuuut: Naveaux // Eocene // Kalliper



Date: Eocene, I love his positivity

Befriend: Kalliper, he's pretty interesting!

Avoid: Naveaux, but only because of the bad luck thing!


Here we have: Adrian, Conner, and This guy