Make an assumption about the character above you!

Posted 4 years, 3 months ago (Edited 3 years, 3 months ago) by Kidd Callaghan primskorv

I thought this might be a fun game; basically, look at the character of whoever is above you, and come up with a headcanon based on whatever impression that character gives you! Examples could be "i feel like they really like sour candies" or "they probably got bullied in school" etc etc, anything counts and nothing is invalid! Post IC, please! (Just so the person below you has a character to write about, but you don't have to actually write your post AS your character if u get me)

I'll get this started with one of my own. Another fun idea could be to edit your post to confirm whether or not the person below you was accurate!

Ann paryficama

they look like a crearl box mascot

 Elliot aowacc

She does not seem the type to have many friends in school, just a few close ones.


He looks like a very powerful sorcerer.

Yvonne fangmeat

Judging by that tongue, It may or may not enjoy fruit roll ups.

Also perhaps resides in the deep sea as some unfound bioluminescent leviathan. Survives off smaller leviathans.

Kura Cura

Did mettaton get gender reassignment surgery?



 honestly looks like a creepy pasta oc...

They're probably one of those 'violent but innocent' types

Aspa Modwri

The skin-tone in the image looks like paint or makeup.  Aithalos probably wears it to fuck with people for a chuckle.

Aether buttermaster

She looks very capable of getting the job done! :3c

Samuel Gallows TheTraveler

He is the pretty prince-

Okay but besides that I bet he is great at dancing~

 Nikolai Korotayev Hanadoodles

Despite loving to shapeshift into a catgirl, Silver gets a lot of, ahem, unwated attention. However, not being from Earth, she misinterprets it as genuine affection.

Gerard starfast

Nikolai looks like the kind of person who is pretty quiet and tends to keep to himself, but can and will kick your butt if need be. 

Aerodonis Ikayuro

Gerard probably disdains sweets, and likes to make that fact known to everyone.

Tulippa Isoprene

Aerodonis probably isn't very sensitive to pain and seldom notices when he injures himself while working on his jewelry!

Naveaux Astier Monue

She sunbathes as a source of nourishment, being part plant, with her skin acting as a leaf would. Interestingly, the area around her spring has very clean air, a byproduct of this unique form of photosynthesis, and her spring is highly oxygenated. With enough time, and focused regulatory effort on her part, perhaps people would be able to breath under the water there!