Chars for Trade/Sale [Monsters, Ferals, Anthro]

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago (Edited 6 months, 18 days ago) by Ziel
  • The characters for trade are HERE! - The characters for sale are HERE!
  • I'm looking for: USD > Artwork > Character designs.
  • Overall permissions for character use is listed under ownership.
  • You can offer less USD than I'm asking for, but don't go lower than half, and don't be surprised if I say no.
  • Feel free to ignore the USD value when offering artwork / designs! I only care about the quality of what you're offering.
  • Designs in the "Unwanted" folder I am eager to get rid of, those in "Undefined" I am still tempted to keep. (You can tell which folder by looking on the left-hand side bar, above the character name!)
  • My design preferences can be found HERE; I am unlikely to trade any character I own for a design I don't like/won't use!
  • Thanks for looking!

i LOVE this fluffer fluff Butt ;D;

is there anything here you could use? ( i could be more then willing to give multiples )

@misslissa93 - oh man, this guy is GORGEOUS:

I would happily trade Kyllinen for him!

Isnt he though!? XD

He is actually a closed species of my friends on a group on a site called Ovipets. ( groups been dead a long time however ) so im going to ask if its alright first ;D; because if im able to i would love to trade for the Fluff butt with him <3 

StormyThief he doesn't quite peak my interest, but it would depend on who you're asking for!

sleepingcrows I didn't see anyone I was interested in, sorry ;w;

^.^ If you aren't too sure then I'll just keep a hold of him. Thank you for looking.

Morning bump!


I got ahold of my friend and she said it was alright to trade ^_^


Boops owo

@Misslissa93 Sorry! I was at a con/have been tired and sleeping in recovery from it ;w;

If you're cool with trading them, I'm willing! Just make sure to let me know if there's any rules or anything regarding them first! You can PM me for that - I'll transfer Ky to you once that's cleared up~

That sounds like alot of fun tho! XD and i'm definitely still cool with trading them! 

Once I'm online I will track down their lore page so you can learn all about them >w<