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[ Average Height ]
[ Lifegems ]
One, round gem within the cage of their ribs. Sometimes one on each shoulder.

[ Defining Traits ] Curled horns, dead, pronged or crocodilian tail, raptor toe, sometimes cracked, dull or missing gem in their stomach mouth or chest cavity. Also sometimes on shoulders (old designs).

Dimorphism | Female


Dimorphism | Male


General Overview and Etymology

☆Usually found roaming swamps, graveyards, or battlegrounds long forgotten.
☆Undead, manifested from spent magic that lingered- often times after a vicious, violent death. Think of them as malevolent spirits seeking their revenge. (Basically: They were originally a StarEater, Shooters, Sweeper, etc- but after a traumatic death, became a Robber)
☆Typically raised with a 'goal' in mind. Revenge on the one who murdered them. When said goal is complete, they could pass on as their souls are 'at ease', or they can carry on. (Example: A Sweeper and his son were murdered, he raises as a Robber and gets revenge on their murderer. However instead of passing on once his 'goal' has been met, he persists through his undead life, protecting children so the same fate doesn't befall them)
☆Can be raised and unable to recall their past life. Those who don't typically wander till they remember their goal.
☆Lifegems: Inside their exposed ribcage.



Location - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14284715/

Leader/reli/govern - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22475215/