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[ Main Designer ]
[ Created ]
[ Average Height ]
[ Lifegems ]
Two round gems on either side of their head and at either hip

[ Defining Traits ] Life gems on hips and head like frog eyes. Unicorn horn, finned ears, frog feet, smooth amphibious skin. Immune to their own stings, and most stinging sea fauna (Like clownfish)

Dimorphism | Female
Shorter horns, shorter face tents, jellyfish or cephalopod tails
Dimorphism | Male
Longer horns, longer face tentacles, seahorse or crustacean tail

General Overview and Etymology

☆The sea is where they'll be!
☆Though they appear cute and defenseless, Fishers are rather vicious, and kill for enjoyment. It's been said they enjoy tugging people under the water because they find the bubbles fun to watch.
☆Often the bane of sea crafts, as they tend to lure sailors into reefs or sandbanks, damaging the hulls or getting the ships stuck.
☆Not good on land at all. They're awkward and clumsy, and no longer the majestic killers of the sea, but comedic klutzes.
☆Lifegems: One on each hip, and two atop their heads, giving them a 'froglike' appearance.



Location - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14283784/

Leader/reli/govern - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22768691/