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Willing to haggle within reason.

For the sword, I have a version with the glowing part removed, as well.

ADDITIONS FOR RESELL, price listed in the image and underneath:

non-CS by wanyaagoadopts, $100 (includes extra art shown)

x3 non-CS by raintie, $15 each

Halloween Mogi (has a Gizmo) by al-ke-my, $90

by kaiet/chie, $100

You may inquire about my other characters, but most of them can't be resold anyway due to how I got them and/or they have high sentimental value and I still use them, so you probably won't have much luck.

I accept art commissions in a trade, but generally only if I follow you on DA or FA. (I'm crownwaltz on both) My preference is resell >> trade for art commissions >>>>>>>>>>>> trade for other adopts. I will do short holds no longer than 24 hours. If you don't get in touch with me after that, the adopt will be up for grabs and I won't allow holds from you anymore.

Thanks for reading!

Edited to add in a forged-artifacts sword that doesn't really fit into my worlds anymore.

could i get kio? 

LordOctopus yup I'll send you a PM

I love susumu I woner if you would consider cash +art I think you watch my main account rae-nerdy on dA
if you interested in disqusing this further plz pm ;;♥ I am very intersted in him but I cannot afford full price 

@raenerdy sent you a PM!

Eeeek. Interested in Remy, would you be willing to do a payment plan or put him on hold? ;o;

@emmerynn I'd really rather not put things on hold, but a payment plan would be ok with me as long as there's a decent chunk in the down payment and the rest doesn't take longer than 2 months to pay off. Please PM me if you want to discuss this further/in more detail!


Oh are you selling Tiamat now?

Waltz YEAH I wasn't sure if she was available for resale but apparently she is so I'm accepting cash for her, too. :>

Oh sweet~ Wouldja take $25 for her?

@mayomie yep, he's still available as a free giveaway.

Waltz yeah, that's fine! I'll send you a DM and stuff.