Mundane Life

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Chapter 1
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Run of the Pippets

"Hello Amaryllis, have you been doing well lately?" It was the first thing Caramel asked when the yellow pouflon finally opened the door to her house. It's a weird, but welcome feeling to see her again, in circumstances that are not extremely dire. She missed her teacher, the comfortable house always bustling with some sort of noise, courtesy of the countless pippets she had.

“Oh! Caramel! It’s been a while, dear~” She talked, voice slow and sleepy, as usual. “I would love to say that things have been doing well, but…” She looked behind her, in the direction of her house.

Chocolate chips chirped, a question toned sound. As usual, the Toucana was perched on the pouflon’s horns, while Cabbage was somewhere close, hidden in her hair. Since coming back, the two pippets didn't give Caramel a moment at all to rest. Must be their way of telling Caramel they missed her.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Caramel, with a tinge of worry in her voice.

“You see… I accidentally created some new pippets, and…. they run quite fast...”

Caramel let out a giggle at that. If seen from a different perspective, it would be both impressive and terrifying. Compared to the possibilities Caramel had in her mind, it was the most harmless of them.

“How did you manage that?”

“I’m not sure… I was just doing an energy potion, and...” More laughes, which the mage promptly ignored. “I need to find them… But other than that, I’m doing good.”

“Tell you what. I’ll help you with that.”

“Oh! Will you? I don’t want to give you work, you only just arrived.”

“It’s no problem. Where did the pippets run off to?”

“Kit told me they’re still somewhere in Goldfair… You should look at barns, crop fields, and any tiny place one would hide.”

Caramel nodded.

“Alright, I’ll see you later with a few pippets on my hands. Make sure not to make any more pippets.” She teased, giving Amaryllis a smile. By the way she reacted, Caramel knew that no promises could be made.