Mundane Life

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Chapter 2
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Finding Firsden

“Have you ever heard of Firsden?”

One of Caramel ears gently moved to the sound of Rose’s voice.

“Can’t say that I did, no.” She scans her memory for any mention of it, but none comes to mind.

“And here I thought you were a scholar.” Rose shook her head, with a disappointed expression. On a closer look, her eyes showed nothing but mirth. Caramel, in turn, rolled her eyes. “It’s the ursuki Village.”

“They…. They have a village?” Caramel feels a little bit dumb asking. She kinda assumed they were just nomads, sort of, just scattered around Bellacoste with no specific story around them. A silly thought, she knew.

“Yeah. It’s actually very mysterious. You can only find it once a year, when they lay down the spells protecting it to hold the Hibernal Equinox. After that, everybody mysteriously forgets the location, and you can never find it again.”

Her eyes widen. 

“How do they hide an entire village?” She did know a few illusion spells. She sucked at them, though, despite having studied a lot on the subject. But she never quite read about magics as strong as the ones the vespire was describing. Caramel quickly made a note for studying on the subject, later.

“Beats me.” She shrugs. “I don’t understand much of Ursuki magic. They like to be secretive.” Caramel nods. “Would you like to visit it? Their shows are neat.”

“Oh, of course! It sounds like fun.”

She can’t deny she has some interest in seeing the place for herself, maybe even have the opportunity to ask about those illusion spells. Getting to know a new culture was always fun, as well. And now that Rose mentioned, her interest was piqued, leaving the lon all curious to know more about it, a desire to question the Ursukis about their magic and shows. 

Before this, it’s not like she ever had a particular friendship with any sukis to ask, before. Caramel usually was someone pretty secluded, preoccupied with her own life. It was only when she began her mage training that her horizons started to broaden, showing the lon that life was much more than her way of living. Caramel became someone much more open minded, much more curious, and that’s what made revelations like these exciting. A whole new place to visit, a whole new culture. It was barely something she could contain.

“Okay, so…” Rose started to talk again, taking Caramel out of her daydreaming.  “I’ve been to Firsden a few times.” She was fidgeting. Caramel only stared, a bit confused. “Would you… like to go with me…  maybe?” Then, the vespire pulled over a letter, with a seal she never saw before.

“Of course!” 

The way the Vespire reacted to Caramel’s answer was highly amusing. She looks so giddy.

“Do you want to go there now? It’s by the south of here, hidden in the mountains.”

“Sure, we’re not doing anything. Just let me pack and get the pippets.”