Mundane Life

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Chapter 3
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Finding Firsden II

The trip to Firsden is nothing more of the same. Caramel and Rose barely noticed the time pass, for they were far too distracted talking with each other to notice the usual boredom of traveling. Rose was telling the pouflon about Firsden, describing everything that she could

The whole place sounded so fantastical, like something that couldn’t possibly be real. That’s why when they finally reached the Village, Caramel blinked and stared for minutes, unable to process what she was seeing. It wasn’t just a village, but more of a full, complete city, stretching itself for too many kilometers to count. She couldn’t even begin to fathom how such a city was concealed for the rest of the world. The sheer amount of magic this must take. Rose poked her with a claw, laughing at the lon and her reaction.

The entrance itself was beautiful, too, a wooden arched, decorated with holly and stray vines, right now coated in a thin layer of snow. The rest of the city was a sight to behold. Countless trees were around, most served to hold the ursuki homes.

Caramel saw stairs that led up to tree houses, looking like the coziest thing to live in. Nothing short of amazing. Streets buzzed with activity, with all three species around. Caramel didn't remember the last time she saw so many together, if not for some pressing matter like Skyfall. Here, everyone seemed to forget there was ever any problems to begin with. Instead, there was the buzzing of conversation, laughter,  a comfortable feeling settling in the lons heart.

"Close up that mouth before a stray gnut walks in." The soft voice of Rose took Caramel out of her trance. She was smiling, giddy. "Amazing, right?”

"It 's incredible! Even more in person." Caramel answered, unable to keep her eyes focused on Rose for long. She simply needed to drink in the scenery.

Even Chocolate Chips chirped in, trying to get his owner attention. The pippets were all with them, too, at the moment getting distracted with the city entrance. Pie and Cabbage were at the arch, looking up to see Chocolate chips perched onto it, using the height to better look at the city and what it had to offer. Their owners were too busy to notice if the pippets were causing any chaos around, though.

“I knew you’d love it.” Oblivious to Caramel, the vespire smiled. “I have more things to show you. Come.”

“More?” The lon asked, practically brimming with excitement at the discoveries.

“Yep. There’s a place with the best pastries I think you’d like.”

Caramel was then led to the market area of Firsden, now having her ears torn between what voices to focus on. Countless delicacies were advertised, as well as some magical artifacts and other fun Knick knacks. It has been so long since Caramel was in somewhere like this.

They stopped by a cute and colorful looking stall, where a yellow Ursuki was busy cooking, with the smell and sound of something sweet sizzling. From them on, Caramel was to try a wide variety of things, by how excited Rose was to show things. Sweet pastries, mostly, made with unknown ingredients, but incredibly tasty either way. By the time she would be done, Caramel feared this would give her a bad stomach ache, or even diabetes.

“Do you wanna try anything else?” Asked the vespire. She had a bit of cupcake frosting on her face.

Pie was also with her, currently,  meowing insistently while it stared at their treats. No amount of cute face was gonna make Rose feed her with ursuki culinary, however. Rose was highly resilient, Caramel thought, for she couldn’t help but let her pippets try out the pastries too, in moderate amounts, of course.

“Of the food? No, I think I’m already full.” A shame really. She was willing to endure the stomachache. “But I do wanna try to see what else is on sale!”

“Might I recommend you ladies something?” The owner from the stall interrupted. He had such a nice smile, no one could deny them. “You should meet the Saints! They are lovely company, and truly a once in a year experience.”

“That’s an awesome ideia. Wanna do that, dear?”

“Yes! But you gotta promise to take me to the other stalls. I swear I saw someone talk about magical artifacts.” Of course she would be interested in those. “Uh, this might be a stupid question, but are there other saints other than St. Veti?”

“Oh my, is it your first time here?” The vendor suki looked surprised. “Then you simply must meet them!”

“Yeah, St. Hart and St. Elidi.” Rose nodded to Caramel. “You’ve never heard about them?”

Caramel simply shook her head, offering no more explanation. Instead, she nibbled on another pastry.

The ursuki simply waved a paw.

“Ah, young folk these days. Although I don’t blame you, we’re known for secrecy. You ought to meet them, then!”

“We will, we will. I’ll shove some ursuki culture onto this lon face.” The vespire joked, using a claw to poke on Caramel’s shoulder. “Alright, thanks for the awesome food as always. We’ll be going now.”