Mundane Life

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Chapter 5
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Burntbought discovery

Caramel is at the sanctuary today, caring for the Wanderroots of Firsden. Thankfully, this time they did not have any problems with the wanderroots themselves, no, just a routine check on them to make sure everything and everyone were doing alright. Plus, Caramel has developed a fondness for the little creatures. They were entirely too precious, tiny little things that scattered around. It brought a fond memory to Caramel, of when she was just a mage apprentice, trying to gently coax the Wanderrots into giving her berries for Amaryllis. Her pippets, too, seemed to like them, although the mage had to sometimes pick up Cabbage to prevent him from bullying too many of the Wanderroots. (No, cabbage, bad!)

She felt somehow at peace with them. A simple job, caring for these little ones today, being greeted by oh so innocent little faces. It was a shame they were often sought after by pouflon mages.

Today, although everything seemed alright, the pippets and Wanderrots seemed somewhat restless. Chips would caw, going from her shoulder to the Wanderrots bundled together, or try to pick at the mages ear with his beak. Despite Caramel asking, he never did reveal his reason for his restlessness.

“Now, little ones, are you all okay?” Caramel asks softly, bowing down to look at the Wanderroots. “Why are we nervous today, mm?”

It takes a little bit of coaxing and gentle voice, but eventually, they do show you what’s wrong. Or, rather, who’s…

The sight makes Caramel gasp in surprise. This is a different wanderroot althoughether, dark and charred, with no leaves to its many branches. It’s eyes, hollow and dark, although with a deeply sad and scared glint to them. It honestly looked like this little baby was the result of an unfortunate fire. She wondered, many times in the span of a minute, how was this Wanderrot alive in the first place, and how did it get here. Was it in danger, still? She needed to know.

“Oh, little baby, don’t you worry. You’re okay.” Caramel chides, extending a vine towards them. The wanderroot makes a squeaky noise, nervous and scared still. “It’s okay. I’m here to take care of you, now.”