The Day Magic Died #1

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Chapter 1
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November 2021 Event in Quirlicorns, the Magic is dying! The deities are calling for help.

I am in a group with Queensunshinemonster and Leliana, and we add a bit of story to the deities story =)

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The Investigation

It was a long way to move into the plains, even with legs as long as Damiens, he had to travel a good while.  He barely left his desert and isolation, but in his dreams a Deity had called for help, day after day, and named him a date to meet in the plains.   On his travel there, he met with two other Quirlicorns that had the same dreams, that were called to find Jagmeet, and together, Loraphine, Namyli and Damien finished their travel to the place of their meeting.

The red Stallion did not know much about this deity, but that he was a travelling nomad and a great and honorable figure, and when they met him in person, he was stunned by his might and beauty, but also worried by the sorrows that lingered around his heart and mind.  Might the others not be able to sense them, but Damien could see them like a dark cloud.

And what all of them could sense on their travel, the connection to their magic that got weaker, was worded now by this deity.  Loraphine seemed instantly eager to help Jagmeet out, she definitely was forward going and energetic!  Namyli was a bit more distant.  She left a weird feeling in Damien, as she had tried to spook and scare him and Loraphine on their way to the meeting, and she nearly caused him a seizure by doing that. So he was a bit afraid of her, as if she was one of his older bullies, but there was this very strong vibe of loneliness she carried with herself.  Maybe she had been hurt herself, and her personality was a try to protect herself from more pain?   She did not seem so happy about the Quest they received, but Damien could see that she felt the disconnection with their magic as much as Jagmeet did.  

Damien himself just wondered why he had been included here.  Yes, he posessed strong magic, but he himself was weak and shy.  But, he would not question a deity. There must be a reason why he was needed here, and so, he lowered his head to the big stallion.

Of course, Damiens telephatic ability would allow him to call out to Jagmeet for help if they needed it, just as he told them, but he made clear there were others he needed to help and ask for their aid. The problem did not only occur on the plains region, but everywhere, and Jagmeet was in connection with the other deities as they spoke. And with that, he left them with their task.  

For a moment, they stood there a bit lost, until Loraphine started to walk around exited!

"Well, standing here wont help anything!" she said, raising her head high to look around. "...what should we do to help Jagmeet? How can we find out about the rumors?  I have not  yet seen strange weather here!" she said, twitching her ears as the others just looked at her for the moment.

"We should find local wildlife and ask them if they withnessed anything suspicious! We should look out for cracks in the earth or anything that might be caused by earthquakes, and see if we can find out what caused it!  We should use whatever power we posess, dont you think?" she asked them.

Namyli took a deep deep sigh. "..I dont posess much of Magic yet..." she admitted. Which felt a bit embarassing to her, and she showed it by pinned back ears. She questioned Jagmeets decision to even request her help. There were so many Quirlicorns in this world who would be better suited for this task, why her?  She yearned for a friend but she knew herself that she had flaws and her love for spooking others nearly put Damiens health at risk already. That made her feel uncomfortable towards the red stallion. Was that, what guilt felt like?

"....That is no problem.." Damien was sure.  He took a leap of faith as he felt the wave of a strange mood flood over Namyli, and he took a few steps forward to gently nudge her neck. "...we can help.  If this is about dying magic.. maybe it needs also someone with not much magic to find things we cant, because we rely too much on magic already.." he thought. "...but Loraphine is right... we cant just stand here... this land is big...  lets just look around for a while and do our best, and meet here again when the sun hits the trees..?" Damien offered. That would give each of them a bit time to think about something they could do, and maybe find hints they could look at together later.

That plan was not bad, and so, Namyli went in one direction, just generally scouting around the area. Maybe she could try to find some locals and ask them questions, though she was sure she might just spook them away.  Yet, the fact that Damien did not... seem to hate her for her prank that nearly made him fall, confused her.  

Loraphine went north and looked out for people to question aside from the general evidence one might find. She was confident as she could just shift into other animals to understand their language and communicate with them. She had no fear but a lot of interest for this task, though of course the lingering fear of a fading magic had a bitter taste.

Damien remained at the place for a few moments before he slowly walked a bit south, eyes and ears open to the land he didnt know.  His home was the desert, and he was overwhelmed by the plenty of food this land had to offer, but Jagmeet was right, something was wrong.  And he laid down in the open grass, closed his eyes and used his magic to draw a prophecy.

When the sun hit the trees, they came back together, each of them with worried faces.  

"...the animals here told me about weird weather shifts... there was even snow on a hot summer day for a moment. I found a collapsed cave and was able to open it with my telekinesis...  I bet it got shaken by an earthquake." Loraphine told them her findings.

"...I found... cracks in the earth that do not look like they came from dryness.. this land is not dry..." Namyli reported. "...I could not look inside sadly, but I could lead you there..  this was for sure an earthquake. And the magic there feels... weird..." she said, even though she did not posess too many different kind of magics yet.

"...I tried to read a prophecy for this land.." Damien said, and his ears twitched nerviously. " was dark and wicked, and not clear at all.. something terrible will happen if we cant find a solution to this, but the picture faded as if the magic was too weak to keep it up..." he told them. "...I talked with some ghosts and asked them, and one of them died due to an earthquake... they told me that earthquakes were not common for this area, but now they are..."

"I would say we investigate our findings together now, so we can tell Jagmeet what we found out!" Loraphine  suggested, and they followed her to find out more about those earthquakes and strange weathers, together.

They went to Loraphines collapsed cave and lighted it up with fire to see inside.   They traveled to Namylis cracks and tried to find a connection to the earth, Damien even tried to draw Lava from it in case it was a volcanic earthquake. And while they did that, they logged the changing weather they got told by locals and summoned ghosts down for Jagmeet to see.  And with those findings, Damien tried to contact Jagmeet to tell him about their investigations.

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